what about listing the problems/defects you've had with your car.

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    We all seem to enjoy our motability cars and once this is over we will once again enjoy trips out to the park, beach, shopping or a spot of lunch. However some cars can be unreliable, so as an aid to those due to pick a new car it maybe help if we note which car we have and list any problems you’ve had and how long they too to fix.

    We have a Volvo XC60 and have had:-

    1) A small software issue that was fixed with a reboot, I think, took ten minutes

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    BMW X1

    Do a sharp right turn traction warning light comes on and loss of power. Only way to gain power is release steering wheel. 2 different garages no idea what is causing it and have just lived with it. Can’t wait to change it fingers crossed that the benefit is awarded at renewal

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    Must be lucky. Never had a return-to-dealer issue with any Mota’ vehicles. Two Superbs were perfect. Had a Vauxhall 4×4 thing and got rid early (couldn’t get in and out without pain – car too high). First one was a diesel Mondeo and with hindsight should have sent it back – brakes were hideously oversensitive. Anything other than the lightest touch felt lke emergency stop; madam T wouldn’t drive it. I just got used to doing very careful  centre pedal touch.

    Hardly used latest car – Cooper S 3-door. Five weeks old and 40 miles on clock! Very pleased so far; expecting scrabbling front wheels but surprisingly smooth on take-up, even out of corners. Very point-and-go; enjoyable. Ride a bit firmer than expected (test was in 4-dr which must be a bit softer on springs) but I guess I’ll get used to it.

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    Nissan Leaf, I’ve had 2 and both have been 100% reliable 👍👌

    Common issues with them are the electric folding mirrors can develop a creaking noise, an easy self fix or fixed under warranty if you fancy a trip to the garage.

    The satnav map is years out of date, expensive to update or use your phone.

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    what a good idea

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    Hi, vw touran family model with electric sun roof.

    Water getting into the drivers footwell causing electric problems, 1week to sort out.

    Appears to be a common problem with this model.

    Changing car as soon as back in production.

    VW T Roc  R Line.


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    Ford Kuga 2.0 diesel 150 bhp Zetec powershift, apart for a replacement battery last year, we ae now within 27 days towards the end of the 3 year lease, to date we have only recorded just under 20,000 miles, however we tow a caravan so the Kuga has be put under some load, but so far nothing to report.

    Satnav is crap and years out of date but apparently that is a standard feature.

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    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Volvo xc60 coming to end of year 4 ,48k miles.One rear brake bulb blown ,only issue ive had.

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    Clipped wings

    Hi Michael,

    Touran TsiDsg SEL with optional panoramic roof. I’ve been lucky and zero faults nearing 3 years. Was about to order another when Chinese plague struck. Perhaps I d4 might appear on scheme.

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    Mitsubishi Mirage never gone wrong 20 months old

    2nd one we have had

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    Kia Carens here, halfway through current lease with 8,800 miles on the clock that’s hardly changed since end of February and all’s well.😢

    All’s well except one tiny little bug or slightly faulty sensor? When the car was at about 5,000 miles one day out in the car the traction control light lit up for a couple of miles.

    Checked the manual and it just says “go to the dealer to check” but then the next day its gone and I don’t see it for about another 1,000 miles or more then again the lights on for a few miles and then its gone.

    Never seen for another couple of thousand then its back for a few miles and gone again.

    I put it down to a faulty sensor or software but hesitate to take it to the dealer as next thing you know because they can’t find anything wrong they want to keep the car in for a week while they investigate.

    Had the same with the tracking right from the start after asking them to check it at a few hundred miles because the car has a very slight pull to the left that they said was normal so I told them it must just be my imagination running away with me after driving for nearly 50 years and covering well over a million miles and that I’m well aware of the drainage gradient of the roads.

    A couple of niggally things but overall happy with the reliability of the car.

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    Chris you are patience personified, those niggles would drive me crazy. I need a car to work niggless or it drives me crazy. As soon as something shows up I’m on the phone to the dealer getting it booked in.

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    current car mazda 6 tourer petrol

    electric folding mirrors sometimes have a mind of their own and dont open out when unlocking and sometimes only partially usually after a good wash then fine for a while ,told the dealers about it last time it was in for a service and said they couldn’t find a fault or couldn’t be bothered as the car still does it end of lease coming up soon so i think they have lost a customer

    previous cars

    bmw 318d -no problems for the entire lease and good communications from the dealership throughout the lease

    vauxhall insignia 2.0 diesel  – no problems

    vauxhall vectra 1.8 petrol  – no problems

    might be going back to bmw when ordering next car can’t fault their customer service

    haliwell jones in chester

    "the world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams-its heaven and hell "(RJD)
    Seat FR Black Edition 2.0tsi 190 dsg 4drive Nevada White

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    Rear LED tail light packed in within 2 weeks of picking up. Had to replace as unit was dead. Interestingly, it did not activate the warning system. I contacted BMW about this and was told that the LED’s never fail! 🤔

    Since then the car itself has been a dream except for the dismal ConnectedDrive which continues to be useless and never shows what it is subscribed to.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Ford S-Max 180 Diesel Titanium Powershift, I’m just under 18 months into the lease, sitting at around 37,000 miles and no faults to date.

    Previous car – C4 Grand Picasso 1.6 ETG Diesel Auto, at 56,000 miles the Auxilliary drive/cam belt snapped, warnings all over dash, drove home expecting it to pack up at any point, had it RAC’d to the dealers, 3 day fix.


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    Two Vauxhall GTCs (1 diesel Sport, 1 petrol SRi) – No problems with either of them.

    VW Golf GT – Nine months ago the electronic handbrake stopped releasing smoothly.  Progressively got worse so I booked it in at the Garage I got it from and it was fixed in a couple of hours.  In February it started playing up again.  When the Garage reopens, I’ll book the car in for another fix.

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    MY current car (Peugeot Rifter LWB 130 bluehdi EAT8 GT-Line. 31st Jan 2020) about 5 week old the battery failed and RAC came out and replaced.

    Previous car was a Seat Alhambra SE-Lux 2.0 tdi 184 DSG and that had so many faults I won’t even bother to list them, it was hideous on fuel and went back with over half a dozen faults still not rectified as I had given up trying to get them sorted, last VAG car I ever have.

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    My last car – VW CC had a dodgy dsg gearbox which on 3 separate occasions at speeds between 40 and 60 on A roads, actually lost power when trying to accelerate to pass a vehicle.

    I had to put it into manual and drop 3 gears before the engine would pick up again. Luckily the roads were fairly quiet otherwise it would have been difficult to pull in to the near side lane.

    At the moment my current car has a brake warning light on. I rang Motability but recommended I just use my wife’s car!

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    Current car Seat Tarraco 190 TDI DSG Excellence model Collected March so only 1000 miles and no problems.

    Seat Alhambra 2.0 TDI 184 DSG 53000 miles no problems

    Skoda Superb Estate 170 PS DSG AWD Excellence 56000 miles no problems

    Vauxhall Antara Changed after 11 months constant DPF regens, 15-20 mpg Rust bubbling on tailgate from under chrome trim and worst dealership experience ever. No More Vauxhalls for me.

    C4 Grand Picasso 51000 miles Battery replaced and Brakes front and rear discs and pads.

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    A blue tooth problem which was eventually sorted and an indicator recall, Seat Leon ST, had over 2 years.

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    Mazda CX-5 Sports Nav +. I’ve had it one year this week. Not a glitch and still love it.

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    Nice car mossfinn 👍

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    Volvo XC60 R Design… The parking sensors go off randomly when driving. Makes you jump is putting it lightly….

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    Vw Golf  GTD DSG

    After 3 month some warning light came on and then a woman starts shouting about an emergency service which she is going to call, or I can call the garage or call the dealer…basically just call anyone, then it will reset itself but kept happening and it frightens the life out of you.

    Anyway dealer said it was a faulty sensor, repaired in 2 hours not happened since.

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    re park sensors ,this can happen when they need cleaning i.e. covered in crap and they “think”there is something there

    "the world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams-its heaven and hell "(RJD)
    Seat FR Black Edition 2.0tsi 190 dsg 4drive Nevada White

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    I’ve mentioned before how my Golf always has a cardiac arrest-inducing shrieking fit when I near a particular bridge if I forget to turn off the collision alert sensors.

    Apparently it’s a ‘Safety Feature’.

    The image on the dash of the ‘exploding car’ – with all its doors, boot and bonnet flying off – only adds to the excitement.


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