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      Nine Scottish kids died waiting for cash from new disability benefit as delays spark fury. This is how well SNP are treating disabled. Artical in todays daily record.

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        Really sad to read that but as much as I’d like to blame the SNP, I’m afraid it is the same no matter which political party is in charge.


        The biggest problem the UK is experiencing is a massive rise in population (something like 18%) over the last 20 years and it takes much longer than that for the tax revenues and NHS services to grow and adapt to the population increase.


          Shocking isn’t it!

          Although as @Willis says its no different with the DWP.


            Yip, the whole point of the post we were told by there spin doctors they would do much better than the terrible tories. If they had had said this is a difficult benefit to administer but we will try our best. Instead of putting ther spin doctors into overdrive telling us how fantastic they were going to be.


              It’s awful but if it’s related to their version of PIP then it’s not a subsistence benefit it’s to pay for equality like transport, equipment etc.

              Trouble is no matter Scotland has limited devolution powers they’re mot fee to change any old thing. I’d want to see what interference Westminster has in it too.

              Tbh until all these systems are run BY disabled people it’ll never be fair. It’s a loaded dice and imho none of the parties represent our best interests beit Labour, Tories, SNP or Lib Dems none of them have a clue

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