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    Hello everyone I hope you are all well.

    I have been having problems with my vw for some time now since collecting car does anyone else experience this photos attached.

    These are my issues so I drive 13 miles and lose 50 miles out of tank, when I filled up the car needle got stuck and it took over a day for it to recognise what was actually in the tank, I have another picture where the needle is at the same point in picture 1 but that one says I have 605 miles in tank.

    I contacted motability who said that the car shouldn’t need a service and doesn’t require one until 20,000 miles and as I explained my fuel issue they said get in contact with vw as it seems like there could be a fault, but please contact us to inform us about the service.

    so contacted vw don’t want to name branch but her words left me shocked, so I got through to service I explained I was a motability customer and oil service light was on, her words “oh you motability you lot have a different service schedule” I’m soooo sorrrrrrry we are scum you lot? Told her about problem with car and her response oh because there was a fault and you noticed it you are now seeing a problem that’s not even there, the fuel sender could be faulty but doubt that, you had something stuck in the fuel sender unit after filling up and it’s rectified itself now and is sitting in the tank.

    I am not being funny but this car has a serious drinking problem my mpg states it’s ok on the journey for the 13 miles it says I’m achieving 41.7mpg so how the hell am I using more petrol than a petrol station has to offer.


    your help is very much appreciated.

    oh forgot to mention vw sharan 1.4tsi manual, I know the automatic version has a really bad reviews but this is manual so makes me more confused.

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    Which Mobility Car

    The mileage to empty figure will be adjusted according to the type of driving you have been doing recently, so if you were on a dual carriageway at 56mph for an hour it would go up whereas if you have been driving around the houses it will go down. VW’s do seem to suffer from slow fuel needles, ours has caught us out diving from 40 miles to zero in the turning of a corner.

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    I remember our Golf, 15 miles of fuel left, had to drop my wife off, really heavy traffic, 10 miles, then 5, then ZERO, all of a sudden and within 4 or 5 mins, with the petrol station in sight I breathed a sigh of relief. It still had according to my figures 2 litres of fuel left. The VW system is dynamic, on my Tuscon, the figure can only go down, never up!

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    That isn’t a fault its quite normal.

    Your estimated range is calculated by the computer based on fuel level and your type of driving.

    On a full tank it may say 600 miles if your cruising along a motorway.

    But it may sat 500 on a full tank if you’ve just been in heavy Town driving which uses more fuel.

    It’s an estimate and nothing more.

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    The 13 miles consist of , leaving house 1.5 miles from dual carriageway, dual carriageway to motorway then a 50mph road to a forty and then leave that road for 1 mile of a 30mph, no excessive right foot nor breaking car is set to 50- 55 for the journey with that adaptive cruise control mog says 43-44.7 for the journey so how can it use so much

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    I would suggest that you should contact VW again and ask them why your digital screen is showing the speed in kilometres and not miles per hour.

    It might have something to do with your onboard computer and fuel sensor playing up.

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    I would suggest that you should contact VW again and ask them why your digital screen is showing the speed in kilometres and not miles per hour. It might have something to do with your onboard computer and fuel sensor playing up.

    Both my previous Golf and the current Sharan have that. Iirc from when I looked into it, it was because both mph & kmh are required to be visible, on old analogue dials they had dual markings but on the new digital dials they display the selected unit only and so the other unit is displayed in the centre bit.

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    The way fuel is estimated by the car is based on readings which change,

    the amount of fuel available, the way you have driven it before, the temperature.

    also, the way fuel in tank is measured is either by one float chamber, or in the case of saddle tanks, two float chambers, rather like your toilet  cistern.

    these are not accurate and are not designed to be, when you drive up a hill, the tank reads different to driving down the hill.

    fuel rank senders can fail or stick also.

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