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    Hi, does anyone have any idea if the ID4 will be available on the scheme ?

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    Don’t know when it will arrive but after the Government told Motability off it’ll be a when rather than an if.

    Motability have been treating EVs as alternative options for too long, EVs have gone mainstream now & Fossils are the alternative options. Fossils will have zero resale value soon & it’s time that those choosing these Fossils started paying the higher APs that will be needed to cover off the coming crash in values.


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    Sadly I feel the milking of the premium AP for most EV’s is not over yet. It may even be compounded by the fossil residual shortfall!

    I do hope the ID4 and Skoda appear soon.

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    What do you mean by ‘after the Government told Motability’ off ?

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    Actually fossil fuels will diminish but alternative fuels like synthetic will arrive and we wll use engines and those for many years to come as electric cars still not viable for the majority of people.

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    electric cars still not viable for the majority of people.

    That’s a very bold statement!

    I think Electric vehicles are viable for the vast majority of people, the charging infrastructure needs to grow in pace with the number of vehicles on the road, but other than that, the vast majority of people could easily live with an EV, AND YES, THAT IS ALSO A BOLD STATEMENT, but there are very few people that wouldn’t be able to manage perfectly easily and well with one.

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