VW Golf Back On Scheme

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    The VW Golf has already re-joines the scheme. Prices start at £99 for the 1.5 petrol engine.

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    Been awaiting it to join back up,, they removed it as they stopped making the GT now it’s a GT edition which gives heated front seats still same price for the Dsg befor it was removed

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    Menorca Mike

    I love my Golf 1.5 tsi se sat nav dsg 130 bhp version very economical and ride is amazing

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Which Mobility Car

    You really can get a lot of bang for your buck with roll out models.

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    Yet another model that they cannot work out the AP of:

    Unless of course, it is completely free – which I doubt somehow!

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    Very expensive for the higher spec models, especially as VW will be trying to get rid of these given the new model comes out soon.

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    Why on earth would anyone go for the end of line models when they are just as overpriced as before and the MK8 is out anytime?

    If the AP had been made a little more affordable then maybe.

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    Very expensive for the higher spec models, especially as VW will be trying to get rid of these given the new model comes out soon.

    Unless the parts bins for the high spec models are running low and VW want to sell the remaining high spec models more profitably to private customers (without the huge discount given to Motability).  Hence the rather high AP’s for them – to supress demand from Motability customers.

    It has the double advantage for VW that when the new Mk8 model appears on the scheme, they can crow about what good value it is compared to the older models.


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    I see VW aren’t going to make 3 door or Estate models any more.  Pity.  I far prefer 3 door cars – all my cars have been/are 3 door.  Looks like I won’t be getting a Golf next time.

    In fact the number of 3 door cars currently available is dismal: most are either tiny, under-powered things or Mini’s, which are too low for me to get into and out of safely (Countryman being 5 door only).

    Luckily I still have 2+ years to run on my current Golf GT.  I can only hope the number of decent 3 door options have increased by renewal time.

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    Id like to go back to a Golf but not sure I want to be in an old outgoing model at AP you would expect for a new model 🙁

    Yes if you want a Manual theres deals to be had but im sure as a disabled person im not the only one that a manual transmission is no use for ?

    We are now looking into the option of sending “The Thing”  as we now call it back and buying something cheap to tide us over until what we really need appears again.

    I think its inevitable I will end up in a Golf again just dont want to pay big money for what is essentially what they cant get rid of now the Golf 8 is on the Horizon

    End of last year I nearly ended up in a Mercedes B Class when a decent deal came up but again it was lead out model.

    I was told for Several Thousands of Pounds I could have a Black,Red or White one and they all had options packs I was expected to pay extra for that I didnt really want or need 🙁

    Case of the disabled being good to get rid of their unwanted stock………………………

    I suspect the are no longer building the Golf 7 and its whatever they have left?

    Lets hope the Golf 8 is swift to replace this and I can get back where I should be 🙂

    Incidentally when Motability chosen repairers failed to repair my old Golf hatch after a shunt and motability told me to get another car I picked the Estate,first estate ive ever had I just got it because it was a good deal at that time being the same price as a hatch and  just thought I would try something different 😉

    It had been such a practical car at a time when we needed something bigger to lug things around.

    Right car for the right time really for us 🙂

    But if we get a new Golf we will be happy to just go back to a 5 door hatch 🙂

    I would guess they were not selling enough 3 doors and SUV sales have all but finished off the Estate.

    I really miss my Golf,I was told it was boring 🙁

    Maybe they are but maybe I like boring,as I get older and my health gets worse my car person days are over and to me function over form is now more important than form over function!

    If Boring is like a comfortable pair of shoes I am happy to be boring 🙂

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