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    I was in my Volvo dealership last week and the Motorbility specialist mentioned that Volvo are speaking to Motorbility about adding the XC60 to Motorbility customers.He mentioned it will be called the ‘Edition’,and it has to follow Motorbility rules about hp and price, no more details other than if it was to be added it will be Q3 or Q1 2020.What do you think?

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    iv got a 65 plate  volvo xc60 awd that i extended till oct this year, i was unhappy that it had be removed and the xc40 put in its place with an extremely high advance payment

    so if it goes back on , hope the advance payment is reasonable

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    Ha ha Motability Specialist!

    so this specialist that knows for any vehicle to be put forward to the Motability Scheme has to fall into the Rules which state £29,000 manual and £30,500 Auto but as long as the Base line model falls into this bracket they do have a discretionary figure of £35,000.

    although Motability do flaunt the rules and there are vehicles that exceed the discretionary figures this is only when the “base” vehicle falls into the rules. (these rules came into place 2018)

    the xc60 base vehicle starts at £36,600 so unless a change in the rules there’s not much chance. Vehicles can be added at any point not just Quarter change, but for a Base vehicle to come on over £6000 the Cap needs a complete policy change. We may see a few adjustments in the near future but Motability Operations like facts and figures so any big change in policy is likely to be January 2020 to be able to compare figures with previous year/years.

    Disclaimer. These are my thoughts not those of the Forum.

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    I can’t see it somehow, as it’s just too expensive and the AP would also be ridiculously high.

    But we can dream, if it did Volvo would have a stampede by motability customers.

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    dave h

    Wasn’t it just put on when they wanted to get rid of old model as new one was coming out?

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    Salesman chat ? most of the time do not only do they know nothing concrete, they make up stuff to keep you interested.

    We have an XC60 and it’s the best car we have had on motability and if it came on the scheme again I would get one but I’m not holding my breath.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    They are releasing a fwd only version so that could be under the cap??

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    It’s not going to be £6000 cheaper.

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    As we know JS if they want to make it happen they will.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    I hope they do. if they could get that OTR down then the pre orders from Motability alone would make it worthwhile for a struggling industry.

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    Shouldn’t Volvo’s be getting cheaper anyway they are Chinese now?

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    Front wheel drive only would be fine with me. But I don’t change for another 2 1/2 years, I wonder if I could talk my wife into ordering one with me a named driver.


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    The thing with the XC60 is if it did come on the scheme it needn’t have a huge AP as they have really good residual value so no problem with them making a profit on a 3 year old car.

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    IIRC, the big three, Rover (or was it still Austin Rover back then) Ford and Vauxhall used to quite often do Motability editions. Definitely remember a Motability specific Escort Auto.

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