Volvo XC40 options

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    Stephanie O’Donnell


    Has anyone paid for privacy glass to be added to an Inscription Pro? If so, did you pay the full £350?

    I could opt for the R Design Pro as it has the privacy glass as standard and I love the look of this model,  but really need the rear park assistant camera that’s standard on the Inscription Pro as I have arthritis in my back following a brake. I also prefer the leather seats.


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    Stephanie have you tried asking for more of a discount?

    either way that’s still only the same price as getting tints fitted to your glass so not a bad price.

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    Stephanie O’Donnell

    Philjb I did ask about a discount but there was nothing forthcoming!

    I suppose £350 is about right.


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    Hi Stephanie,

    Here’s a thought though. The AP of the R Design is £200 lower, making the overall cost of either the Inscription Pro with privacy glass or the R Design with parking pack almost the same. And then you get your preferred model as well as a reverse camera.
    As far as cost is concerned, certainly some on here have had good discounts, others not. I’d not been able to get any until I brought my trade in into the equation. As this is my first motability car I have a privately owned car to trade, so I let them give me a price and then got them to up it by £475 to pay for the versatility pack. I’m not kidding myself though, they’ll still be making their cut on my part ex.

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    I know Wayne (Bionic Rusty) got the tints on his inscription for half price … once he was making moves to leave following the test drive 😉.

    Are there other Volvo dealers you could try too ?

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    As for leather it’s an odd one. I thought I wanted leather as I’ve had it for years and find it easy to move about on and look after.

    Ironically, when we took an R Design Pro out for our second test drive the weather was boiling and we were actually really glad to be sat on nubuck, even with the aircon on.

    Since placing our order, I got into our current car the other day after it had been baking in the sun for a while, and the black leather was uncomfortably hot. I immediately thought …

    “am I relieved we’ve not got it in the volvo !”

    and I would never have put money on that 😏


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    This weather all seats are hot, if I had the choice I’d chose leather every time. But I wouldn’t pay thousands as an extra on a lease car to get them.

    If it was mine then I definitely would.

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    Hi @Stephanie,

    Thats right. If you get the right sales guy on a good day you can get half price on the tints.
    Just a point on the R Design seats, the nubuck will be quite grippy. I struggle to get in a car and leather helps with sliding into position.
    I’d say get to a dealer and try them both.
    That will make your mind up for you😁

    The suspension is sublime in the Inscription and I’m sure the same can be said for the R Design but I believe it is a little firmer.
    I’ll stand to be corrected on that one by anyone reading this though.
    Good luck 😉🤞

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Stephanie O’Donnell

    Thanks everyone for the very helpful comments. I’m due to speak to the dealer again on Friday.

    I’ll let you know what we decide 😊

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