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    Hi guys and girls

    ordered a Vauxhall grand land last March ,still waiting ,spoke to dealer who just said they don’t know when it will arrive. Do I continue with order or cancel if anyone knows where I could get a car quicker it would be greatly appreciated as this is our first motability car and now struggling with the no car situation.

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    Not sure where the Grandland is built but I had a UK built Astra Sports Tourer on order from August 2020 and it didn’t arrive until late May 21. Neither Vauxhall or the dealership seemed in the slightest bit bothered with the delays.

    In the finish, and due to the delays, the car had been downgraded in what I felt were key areas. This led to Motability allowing me to return the car after only a few weeks. I had been a life long Vauxhall buyer but never again. For me, they had no interest at all in their customers.

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    We had a Vivaro on order for 6 months it was ridiculous how uninterested Vauxhall were, we were fortunate and found an alternative as the Vivaro still probably wouldn’t arrive this year. That said be careful and make sure cancelling doesn’t just put you at the back of a similar queue. I found an unregistered vehicle at port but to be honest few and far between Kia Hyundai and MG have vehicles at port but many will just add you to the order list just like Vauxhall

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