Tv/film during lockdown

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    Good afternoon all,

    thought I would ask what tv/film you have enjoyed during lockdown?I have taken a liking to the classics such as rising damp,fawlty towers and porridge and also found a digital channel (81)talking pictures tv that’s been a great find for classic films and tv.Hope your having a good weekend 👍

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    I love watching the history programmes. Ancient Engineering is a recent one I’ve found and I love it. Abandoned Engineering is a good one as well.
    And I have to say, I’ve taken to watching Outback Opal Hunters and there’s an Aus gold one which name escapes me.
    I  call them ‘brain dead tv’ watching as it just helps me switch off.
    We’ve been trying Spooks for the first time as well. I want to like it but not for me.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    I love place in the sun channel 4 3pm weekdays it’s a new series started last week

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    The Lat Ship is a great series on Netflix

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    Prodigal Son.

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    From the vaults – we’ve just finished watching both seasons of ‘Colditz’, and lunchtime is currently being enhanced by the original ‘Skippy’.

    Otherwise ‘Ozark’, ‘I, Zombie’, ‘Mrs.Maizel’ TV-wise, plus the interwebs for a multitude of Interesting Stuff.  One day I will get beyond season two of ‘The Man in the High Castle’ – three times we’ve tried, and three times his nibs has fallen asleep during sufficient episodes that he’s completely lost the plot and we have to start again!  Which is a shame because it looks really good.

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    iv started watching Outlander , and just finished Psych on Amazon

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    I’ve read a few books & ignored the TV pretty much, did catch up with The Sky At Night

    I may get around to watching Outlander season 5

    I’ve been sewing masks & walking around the gardens killing weeds, mostly


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    I do like Outlander but it does have, to me at least an obsession with rape,im no prude far from it but I don’t think anyone been left untouched..give it a rest please thats all I ask of the shows writers and producers

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    mrs maisel was excellant binged that one, dr who ive done every episode on iplayer, keeping faith,silent witness,spooks,madam secretary,death in paradise.


    kings speech,guernsey literary and potato peel pie society,spotlight.

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    Mrs BrightonSteve and I, are currently binging on Vikings on Prime video. We love it. We have done Ozark, Save me and a couple of others. Before lockdown I didn’t watch much tv, but I have quite enjoyed these programmes.

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    Totally agree with footloose about channel 81 on free view, their’s been some cracking old films on, most of them I’ve never seen before. Go’es to show you don’t always need special effects to enjoy a film.



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    Quite liking ‘Another Life’ on Netflix.  Must get onto the new season of ‘Altered Carbon’, too.  Suddenly there’s a glut of shows I like with new seasons.

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    Hi Landyman ,

    I hope your well..with regards to Special effects I watched king kong(1933)on BBC iplayer And to think it’s 87 years old is was fantastic and thoroughly recommended 👍

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    Anything with Ray Harryhausan.  ‘Jason and the Argonauts’ is my favourite film ever.  Bought a copy of ‘Harryhausan – the Lost Movies’ a couple of months ago and it’s a fascinating read.

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    I’ve watched Vikings for many years I always said to my kids it was a far better show then game of thrones I still stand by that view to be honest

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    Dougie Brimson

    Could I suggest The Big C on Amazon Prime.

    It’s a series about a woman who has terminal cancer but trust me, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Funny and heartbreaking in equal measures.

    Ozark and Dead To Me on Netflix are also worth a binge.

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    Don’t watch TV, haven’t really bothered with it for the last 25+ years, the most I used to do was watch motorsport recorded on the Tivo but this year even that is totally missing.

    I do watch things on Netflix/Prime on an evening but mostly just revert to something on my home network server as it’s got roughly 200 or so complete series on there and over 12,000 movies, plenty to keep me amused.

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    12,000 movies and you can’t find anything to watch lol

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    Yes, we disconnected the aerial years ago, once we realised we spent most of our TV time watching repeats on Dave.  It’s Amazon, Newflix, or the interweb.  We can put up with waiting to watch F1 on whatever catch-up channel it turns up on.

    Plus all the DVDs, of course.

    But, to be honest, during the day I mostly read books.

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    Footloose I’m fine thanks hope you are too.

    Footloose I think I’ve only seen the original King Kong once, love to see it again.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>What I have been enjoying is the old late 40s early 50s war films, hardly any massive explosions just good acting.</p>


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    If im honest since lockdown ive watched less and less tv and more podcast and audible, just finished volume one of round the Horne quite simply comic brilliance that holds up today.

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    Totally agree about Harryhausen, Georgie.  Always loved Jason… and Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger. All RH’s stuff was so important, inspiring many modern directors, like Lucas etc.

    Now, as for the antipodean marsupial hero, well… “What’s that, Skippy? There a government advisor stuck down the well? Well, he says he was following guidelines, so let’s leave him there, mate.”


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    Well I was put in mind of Harryhausan because in the early days of his Animation Career his boss was Willis O’Brian, who did he animation for the 1933 ‘King Kong’ film.

    Digressing massively, under the guise of there was a ‘King Kong v.Godzilla’ film in 1962, my preferred Big Beastie is actually Godzilla.  Sister has copies of all the Godzilla films still in existence and we tend to binge-watch them when she comes over.  I know it’s not stop-frame, but they are still excellent.

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    Hi Georgie,

    with regards to Godzilla I and I’m sure many others may remember the chewits advert featuring a Godzilla type monster ..fantastic 👍

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    Even chewier than a 15 story block of flats. 🙂

    To be fair, Godzilla was usually ‘saving’ Tokyo from something worse.  It’s not his fault that he tended to do rather a lot of collateral damage doing so.  His tail was operated independently from his brain.

    Anyway – That’s what Insurance is for.

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