The hell is over

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    So I know it sounds over dramatic but since picking the car up on 1st September it has been sheer hell and really stressful, but I am the able bodied driver so imagine how the disabled person my wife feels. We did get the car cancelled and we very nearly went head long into an Unsuitable alternative, fortunately we decided that we would give it 3 months of being off the road through no fault of our own, phone around continuously to find a cancelled order, if We could not in that time then we would leave the scheme and be rural without transport. Plans were made for prescriptions etc hospital cars and on line shopping. This would be easy but never going anywhere would be difficult in time no doubt we would cope. So imagine our surprise when a call revealed a dealer who was watching a Motability customer leaving his showroom after cancellation because his podpoint hadn’t been fitted. He said in the morning I would put it on the dealer system and it would be gone but for now it’s yours. So tomorrow we collect our second 71 plate chair fitted today, weirdly we still have first one due to manufacturers lethargy in not fixing it just collecting it.

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    sincerely hope this one is trouble free

    Current Car: Hyundai Kona Premium EV...2 way 40kg hoist
    Last Car: Toyota C-HR Excel Hybrid...4 way 80kg hoist

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    Struts we can’t be that unlucky good news whilst having hoist fitted at dealers today it was torential rain and heated worked that’s a plus lol

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    Its good to hear some good news Windy.

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    Glos Guy

    Fingers crossed for you Windy. You and your wife deserve some good luck after the debacle of that heap of junk that they dumped on you last time.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Very pleased for you Windy. Hope it’s a positive experience.</p>

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    The stress caused must’ve been a terrible, hopefully all that can be forgotten..👍

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