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    Hi everyone,

    My lease is due for renewal in 2023, but I like to start looking around this time for a rough idea of AP prices and how they are doing.


    I was just chatting to an advisor at a SEAT, SKODA, and PEUGEOT, and he mentioned that with all delays and such, motability are apparently looking at increasing your order dates to 6-9months before instead of three.

    That being said, I am starting to think I may have to terminate my lease as I simply cannot afford the AP costs anymore 🥺. My current car is a Tarraco xcellence 20 plate, and the advisor suggested that because my car was involved in a major crash last year where I was hit from behind at 75mph+ and became the filling in a three car sandwich, that motability may not be willing to extend my lease due to extra wear and tear.


    Therefore my question is, has anyone been through the termination Process and how easy was it? When did payments start coming back to you?


    Thanks everyone for reading.

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    You was hit from behind?so wasn’t your fault so why wouldn’t they allow you to extend?Have you had confirmation that is the case.


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    For a bit of additional information and so the main post wasn’t any longer than it already was, I need an automatic 7-seater or bigger for my wheelchair as it is a rigid frame that only the back folds down.

    Also my partner and myself are thinking of starting a family in the near future, so I may need an even bigger vehicle, and given that AP on auto’s are already high, Brexit and the semi conductor issues are only going to force AP through the roof.


    Does anyone know of which auctions have ex  motability vehicles, just as another option.



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    Wow 75mph smash from behind..😳

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    Hi Paul,


    Yes other party couldn’t really deny blame as obviously vehicle I was pushed into became an automatic witness for me.

    I am only going on the advisor info, I haven’t actually had this confirmed or denied by motability as yet.

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    Hi AJN,


    Police recon it was around 85+ as he pushed me 6 feet forward into the car in front and also causes my vehicle to sit on his bonnet as the front of his acted like a shovel.


    Unfortunately I don’t believe he was charged with speeding as it couldn’t be proved.

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    I’m not sure how an early termination now helps with an AP in 2023, you’d still need to find another deposit now instead of having 2 years to save it up… or you’re leaving the scheme then having to buy your own?

    Even at 3 months ordering schedules you don’t need to order until the very last day… with the way prices change I’m not sure they could commit to a price 9 months away? I’d expect there’s more chance of moving to a 4 year lease instead of 3 🤷‍♂️

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    Well the main thing is, i hope you and anyone else you was travelling with are all ok?also your present health issues wasnt made worse by the accident


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    Yes Paul, you beat me to it, totally agree, sorry Ryan I have know experience to your question, just shocked to read what you went through..

    Best of luck though 👍

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    This might be a silly question, where you not injured in the accident? I am sure their is compensation coming from the driver that hit you. Will that not help in getting another car.

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    Hi everyone,


    Thank you for the advice. I  should have clarified that I don’t wish to terminate my lease right now, I am merely looking into the future, as I said before my partner and I are looking to start a family soon so need to start thinking about options, as I  don’t want to wait. Having been keeping an eye on vehicles I would like, they have been increasing each quarterly period.


    In terms of my accident, I was lucky enough to be travelling solo, and to only suffer minor injuries, in terms of bruising. As the accident happened right at the point where covid kicked into high gear last year, I stupidly decided that I didn’t want to risk attending A&E so believe that negatively affected my comp claim as the amount awarded was minimal, and injury lawyer said I wouldn’t get more going to court.

    I am hoping that when the time comes to renew I am able to do so. I am aware that there is a grant scheme for motability, as I have been given help in the past, with my first car 13yrs ago.


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