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      Hi is anyone taking delivery this  of a new vehicle if so can you please tell me if the Intelligent Speed Assist is activated every time you start you car thanks

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        If you mean the thing that beeps at you every time you go over the speed limit then yes, it resets to being ON every time you start the car


          No Rhodgie the System from the 7th of July is supposed to make you stick to the speed limit so you can only do 30 in a 30s zone et cetera et cetera


            Never heard of such a system that physically restricts your speed to what it thinks is the limit… the only thing it does is give a visual or audible warning


              A quick forum search would have given you the answer (you can usually find most things using this), which is no, not in the UK 🙂

              UK cars will have to be ‘retrofitted’ with new ‘mandatory’ speed limiter

              Please excuse spelling/typos. Apart from being a clot it turns out I had one on my cerebellum that's now causing various problems!

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                Intelligent speed assist will not become mandatory in the UK as the previous government opted out. However, your vehicle may already be fitted with “intelligent speed assist” as standard or as part of an option pack (my new vehicle will be), in which case it will be on as a default setting each time you start your car. In this case you can “legally” delete it before moving off by pressing one or two buttons (this will no longer be legally allowed in the rest of the EU).

                There is a a difference between “advisory speed assistance” and “intervening speed assistance”. ‘Advisory’ is just an audible reminder that you are exceeding the speed limit, and ‘Intervening’ actually slows the vehicle down to the speed limit if you ignore the audible warning.

                I am a slow driver so it didn’t bother me at all when I had a test drive in a car which had it fitted.


                  Although I read yesterday that a huge % of cars will have it fitted anyway. And it will need turning off every time you restart the car. Check the article from ‘this is money’ yourself. It gives every main brand and what they say about it being fitted to UK cars. All hondas will have it for example.

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                    My TomTom Sat Nav has had speed assist warning for years and to be honest, I find it really useful!

                    To get a “Bing Bong” when travelling over the speed limit can only help in my opinion, 1 to help prevent accidents and 2, to keep points off of my licence!

                    What’s not to like!

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