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    Well ive done it, after much back and forth i have finally transferred the AP and collect the car via click & collect on Tuesday the 9th at 12am lol. the wall charger is due to be fit in around 6 weeks and i was going to wait but i just could not hold back, like a little kid i know but the excitement got the better of me so for now i will have to rely on public charging and my granny cable but im sure ill manage and at least 6 chargers within 5 mile of my house are free until Oct 2021 so im sure to make the most out of those.

    KIA Soul EV First Edition
    Scale modeller in my spare time

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    I thought you must be feeling a bit faint Brydo, after suggesting you are getting the first round. I live in God’s own County of Yorkshire (The East Riding of  Yorkshire to be exact).  I do have an allowance for beers so don’t mind paying HaHa!!  I like holidaying in Scotland which I missed last year, but who knows when the lockdown ends we may have that beer. Hope you’re getting your seat sorted.

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    John there must be a joke in there “two Yorkshire men and a Scot walk into a pub, the Scot started tying his shoe laces etc etc etc

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    Good one Brydo, I now understand why my good friend from Glasgow always bent down to tie his shoe laces when we got to the bar. 😂

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    Tight as a drum john lol.

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