Second part disabled facilities grant work started

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      Garden works underway. Second half of my disabled facility grant started today, they’re digging all the concrete up by the front door, then the grass.

      Theyre gonna build a big ol patio area with a lovely long ramp up to the new level access front door they just installed.

      Got a lovely 3m cantlever parasol cheap the other day for the new patio, really looking forward to having a chill area. Supposed to be here today, Tuesday and Wednesday.

      If you need work done I heartily recommend looking into a disabled facilities grant this just paid for a new wet room (twice lol) two new exterior doors and now a patio and ramp.

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        Excellent Rich!

        🤞 part 2 goes to full satisfaction 🙂


          So far so good their trucks full so they’ve headed off to dump the soil they reckon they’ll be finished tomorrow but they’ve got Weds as well if they need it. This is where we are, there’s a code on the bobcat sadly I did have a look lol


            Looking good.. Lovely soil,perfect for raised beds

            Had a DFG for my driveway,bloody nightmare cowboy experience

            Didnt realise I can get my back garden done

            Looking forward to seeing the finish job




              I got one about 10 years ago to have a wet room installed.  Council used a bunch of monkeys from Hartlepool to do it, absolute disgrace!.

              I ended up kicking them out due to the wiring not being to code (Kezo would have had a fit if he’d seen it!), council eventually agreed it all had to be re-done but they still made a complete rats nest out of it.

              Few years later we were completely flooded out by a massive leak from next door, every room had to be re-floored.  My Housing Association sent their best plumber out to find the source of the leak, he took one look at the wet room floor and said “that’s got to come up, it’s not been done properly!”.  Sure enough the drain from the shower was lying just under the shower tray and the joint had already failed so there was waste water pooled under the shower tray etc.  They did a really good job and even let me move the shower drain pump and its controller  and re-wire them properly.

              Please excuse spelling/typos. Apart from being a clot it turns out I had one on my cerebellum that's now causing various problems!

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