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    Today I put a grand total of £15 in my XC60, I think this is the first time since I got the car over 3 years ago when I haven’t gone from empty to full at between £65 and £80 a time depending on fuel prices, and it got me wondering.

    I expect the car to go back in the next week or so and when I collected it, I immediately took it to a Petrol station and filled it up which cost me a little over £50 if memory serves. If they gave me the car with around a tenner in the tank, that’s exactly how they’ll get it back is my justification.

    The XC60 range estimator quits once it passes 20 miles left and then displays zero, and most of the time, I fill up within a day or two of this happening, driving around on the Red for a bit purely because, most days, I do about 7-8 miles, school run and work run. If I know I’m going further I’ll fill up early but generally, its two days on the red then a full tank.

    On the other hand, my Mother panics the second the yellow light goes on in her 70mpg VW Polo and runs off to put in a tenner every time.  My 23 year old son always puts £25 in his car, again, often before the light even comes on.  Made me realise that different people are very different in refuelling habits and I wondered if I was the odd one for “pushing my luck” or if it’s more common than in my immediate family.

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    My habit isn my kids use it more then me, then I notice them use their own cars and I fill the Tiguan it up again.  lol

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    My 23-year-old doesn’t live with me, he’s about a mile and a half outside the insurance limit on the policy (plus under the age for the car) and my 7 year old isn’t quite ready to drive yet lol – so in the entire 3 years I’ve had the car the only other people who have driven it are Volvo staff the one time the car was collected and dropped off for it’s service. I hated being stuck in the house all day when they did that so any subsequent services I’ve taken it in and waited.

    "Man is born in freedom, but he soon becomes a slave, in cages of convention, from the cradle, to the grave."

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    Colin, I have an XC60 also and after the 20 mile park, it once broke down right outside the petrol station. This was within 2 mins and half a mile after it came up. Maybe a fault? I no longer risk it…. I fill up to the brim when there’s 2 bars on the indicator (approx quarter of a tank)

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    Colin I have spells where I wouldn’t risk driving so I’m grateful they can step in and help out. They’ve just got in the habit of leaving me to refuel it mainly as I have a fuel card through my business so I still fill up whenever it’s needed.
    I’ve never found any cars fuel gauge to be accurate, the only way to tell how much is left in the tank in the real world is to try and wait until it starts to platter and make a note of how many miles it did.
    most modern cars should have about 60 miles left.

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    I’m a Boy Scout where things are concerned are rarely let my tank go below half full. I realise this is at odds with the ‘hyper-miler’ in me (I try to drive as economically as possible) but the Boy Scout wins! 😂
    My wife & son on the other hand, just love to play Fuel Light Bingo. A game that generally catches both out at hospital/work time!

    Great post btw. 😁👍

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Charles G

    I don’t like to leave it right to the edge but will happily drive it on the edge until about 25 miles left on range. Unless I am going on a long journey I never fill up the tank more than half way – doesn’t make sense to carry the extra weight around to me.

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    I’ll happily run mine down to near zero, but it depends, my commute is 41 miles each way, so I will fill at around 50 left if I have work the next day – also, filling at ASDA in Aberdeen is much cheaper than filling in my home town – 5p a litre less, so I try to fill there as that’s £3 a week saved.

    Filled up on Monday, done just over 500 miles since then, so currently sitting at 53 miles left, light has not come on, but it will at 50 miles remaining. Should be at around 45 miles when I fill up tonight (Friday) on my way home. I always fill to the brim, don’t see the point in putting in less, besides, it rarely lasts a week. It will have covered another 110 miles by 8pm tonight as my wife has booked a table for dinner in Dundee at 7pm (I am not invited, but I do have to chaffeur…lol).

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    Menorca Mike

    £60 filled tank on my Golf 1.5 tsi dsg 130 bhp gets me between 600 to 650 miles I never let it go in the red often in 2 cylinder mode ! It’s hybrid next for me

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    The last car (Golf) had a proper fuel guage, the MINI has a series of LED bars so no idea of when the last bar will go off. But it does have a miles remaining in the trip computer, but that fluctuates as per your driving, so having to adjust my fill up habits to be a bit earlier that in previous cars.

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    you do get an audible warning and a red fill up warning when you hit the reserve level noel and the miles to pump figure stays on the steering wheel display unless you change it manually.

    i am assuming the countryman is the same as my 3dr noel, it looked like it when i had a test drive of the cooper s the other day.

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    I refill when the ‘estimated range’ gets to c. 100 miles (it’s also Golf).  The previous two (Astra GTC’s) just had a needle indicator and I’d refuel when it hit 1/4 full.

    Most refills are £30 because most of my trips are fairly local.  When I’m setting off for Oxford to visit the peeps I’ll fill the tank.

    On a second point, in the nine years I’ve been driving I have only ever used two garages – one local and one on the coast.  They both have plenty of space so I can pull up by the pump far enough away to fully open the door and get out (filler cap always having been being on the drivers side) without blocking access for other vehicles.

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    On this topic, I’ve just been to the docs and have noticed that fuel has gone up 5p per litre since the end of December. Every year in early December, I’ve noticed for at least five years now that fuel reduces in price. Then after Christmas, it goes back up plus a little extra. Nice of them! 🤣😂

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    So then, in summary I’m the only nutter who pushes his luck every single time lol

    "Man is born in freedom, but he soon becomes a slave, in cages of convention, from the cradle, to the grave."

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    I generally fill up when the needle hits 1/8th of a tank remaining which is marked in red and is just about when the little yellow light comes on and tells me I have 40 miles left.

    Filled up a couple of days ago and will probably do one more full tank but then will be doing it in £10 increments as my car was built on the 14th so only have a few weeks left with this one.

    On a side note, I have just clocked 42,500 miles and if I average the cost per litre at a conservative £1.25 then with the crappy 32mpg average my car has managed it has cost me at least £7,543 to date but probably nearer £8K in diesel alone!!! 😱😭

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    I can only dream of 32 lol, hell I dream of 30…

    Just hoping the Tiguan does the 40+ it’s promising, will save me a chunk of change

    Oh and I didn’t put that £15 I mentioned in until the following day lol – I drive around with impunity when the zero range warning is on as I have yet to be caught out in the two or three days after it comes up

    "Man is born in freedom, but he soon becomes a slave, in cages of convention, from the cradle, to the grave."

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    Well I did a five mile round trip through town traffic and our Tiguan average 46mpg. Still a saving even with the price difference at the moment.

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    There really is NO reason why I won’t see an improvement – engine is dropping from 2.4 to 2 litres, losing nearly 250 kg in weight, 2 wheel drive instead of AWD and it SHOULD be a more modern engine to boot – how can it NOT return better figures 🙂

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    "Man is born in freedom, but he soon becomes a slave, in cages of convention, from the cradle, to the grave."

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    It’s a VAG engine, they haven’t exactly been keen on improving them for the last 10 years, after all it’s easier to cheat with sneaky software than spend money on development until you get caught that is hence the 2.0 diesel I have been running for the last 3 years has averaged 32mpg and not the 53 on all the brochures or anywhere near other makes Euro 6.2 engines!

    Still, I should think it will beat the Ovlov with the heart of coal!  😜

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    Hi all,

    Ttere is much talk in this thread of MPG and it interests me.

    I have stated before how my 2.0 litre VW diesel in my Alhambra is only returning 31mpg around town. Yet the same 2.0ltr engine seems to be giving well into the 40s mpg in people’s  Tiguan,  how can this be?

    I am due to change soon and would really like mpg in the 40s  with a large vehicle. I will stick with diesel to get the mpg ,even though my short journeys mean  I have to run up and down the motorway regularly to clear DPF.

    Any thoughts appreciated.

    Regards, wonky

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    Park on drive plug in overnight, unplug, drive repeat lol. £2 a fill ish


    Sorry I’ll get ma coat

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    On which large car is that Ian?

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    That’s for an I3s I must have missed it vinalspin my friend but I didn’t see any reference to large car in the thread. In fact just glancing through the thread I don’t see any large cars??

    The only large things I see are fuel bills….I’ll get my hat aswell as ma coat….

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    I don’t ever take chances with low fuel, as soon as the car tells me it needs it I give it.
    £40 of diesel is the usual amount and that lasts me about 10 daysish.

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    Sorry Ian, I was assuming you were replying to Wonky’s message, I do apologise. 😁

    Wonky, there is one car that would fit the bill but most dismiss it, Peugeot Rifter/Citroen Berlingo.

    Either will get you into the 50’s with the mpg and they have even more space than the Alhambra(provided you go for the long version).

    I ordered one of the Peugeot’s in Nov and it’s arriving in 2-3 weeks, can’t wait to get rid of my Alhambra and start to enjoy driving again without thinking about the cost of fuel.

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    I’ve a 2019 Tiguan 2.o TDI 2wd R-Line Tech – on a run (140 miles) I get about 47 mpg. Around town I’m getting 26/27 mpg. I run it purely on BP fuel (and ultimate on the odd occasion to protect that DPF). I let the car warn me when its low (50 mile range) and then I tank it – costs me around £70 to fill. This usually lasts me about 3 weeks.

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