My little win 不

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    I really had my heart set on the grandland x Sri nav as it was also nil ap , big family with costs etc I simply can’t afford a ap , and why not go for nil ap when there’s some ideal vehicles for me for now, well until my spine gives out completely, sorry off topic a bit, just looked at the grandland again and it’s 瞿499 ap , so glad I ordered it three weeks ago now (I think) , all put through ok at nil deposit, so I’m very happy I didn’t wait, just thought I’d mention my little win there haha

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    Yeah well done Richy, always great saving saving money on something.

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    Just had this with Skoda Octavia with regard to the ‘ap’ going down 瞿200, Enquired with the dealer and they said as its gone through that’s the price, called motability who said to call dealer but said your under no obligation to take the car even though we have the pin.

    Dealer contacted and advised again sorry that’s the price, So told them to cancel order and within half hour it’s been reduced, saving a saving.


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    Nice one, very pleased for you, enjoy your new car

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    John Morris

    Yeah it’s a good feeling lol. I had it the other way as well but not this time! We got the ateca fr sport a month ago for only 瞿900 with discount (瞿1099) and it is now 瞿1499. So much car for the AP it’s unreal. Still absolutely loving it

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    Thanks guys for the replies , I’m so glad I didn’t wait for tomorrow, I was lucky as I have a good friend with a grandland , although it’s a different spec , I had a good look round it and took it for a little run.

    I actually done the whole order over the phone with picadors, only email I had to send was a picture of the qashqui , and the current mileage for some reason, but when I saw the ap had gone up I was feeling happier I’d ordered when I did, I know 瞿499 is not huge amounts, but it would of ended up me having to look at another car and regretting having to choose something else, it’s put me in a really good mood today!

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    瞿500 is 瞿500 congrats on the saving Richy

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    Thanks Tim, my wife’s very happy, she said she would have had to watch me get so down mood wise, and to be fair after the trouble I had with MG messing me about, and then deciding I preferred the grandland anyway, this has lifted my mood very much.

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    Hold on to that good mood feeling Richy, always hang on to them, everything seems easier when the mood is happy

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    Good result enjoy the car

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    Well done. I had the opposite, Peugeot 5008 GT diesel automatic. Ordered at the start of February, picked up 10th March. I paid 瞿3,799, new AP in April 瞿2,549. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

    I`m very happy with the car anyway, lots of space inside, lots of gadgets and looks stunning in Celebes Blue with the black roof.

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    @pswoff, was that a factory order? they are quoting me 3-4 months for a peugeot 5008 180 1.6 Petrol GT. WTF!

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    Just picked up a 5008 Allure Premium 1.2 manual in celebes blue today there was also an auto exactly the same waiting for collection as well. Ordered it on 30th March. Salesman said when ordering they had 7 coming into the country but if i missed these ones the next shipment was May. The higher powered engine’s may take longer if they don’t sell as many economy of scale and all that.

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    Hi, no it was in stock and at the port in Immingham. I purchased it through Arbury Lichfield. I emailed the salesman and he told me the specs and colours in stock and also the lead times on others.

    I hope this helps.

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