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    Angela Grant-Dean

    Hi all, our car is being returned in March and currently has a personalised number plate which we want to transfer to our new car. We have to put normal number plates onto the car we’re returning and my question is, will it be the original registration number or will it be issued with another number ?  In essence, was it a good move that we kept the original number plates or will we have to pay for some new ones to be made up? TIA

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    Angela its a good move on your part to have kept the original plates as they will go back on.

    A few weeks before change over call motability and they will complete the transfer online with the DVLA for you, you just pay the £80 fee, i gave my card details to the motability agent over the phone and he completed the payment.

    It can take up to 10  working days to be processed so dont leave it any later than three weeks prior to pick up of your new car.


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    Glos Guy

    Hi Angela. Yes it will be the original reg number that will be reassigned to the vehicle. Always wise to keep the original plates (as you have done) as well as the coloured screw head caps (which are often different colours than those needed on your private plate) as then it’s a 10 minute job to swap them back over. As Brydo has already described, the process is very straightforward.

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    99.9% of the time it’ll be the original registration but it’s not guaranteed, I always stick the original plates in the boot and only once in 30 years they weren’t the ones to go back on.

    I phoned motability in December to swap my plate back and they done it there and then over the phone, I got an instant email with all the updated paperwork so took no longer than 30 minutes. I had expected it to take longer so phoned 6 weeks before changeover in case of any Xmas delays.

    The garage can arrange it all for you and I’ve done this in the past with private sales but never with motability…. don’t trust them 100% yet 🤷‍♂️

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    Rhodgie you will receive the “retention certificate “ from the DVLA and that’s what takes up to ten working days, also our dealer wouldn’t deal with any of it they did put my private reg on but took no part in the process apart from that.

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    Yeah about 10 days for that to come through showing you are retaining the reg on paper and not transferring it straight onto another car, but the paperwork to swap the plates over is instantaneous.

    Maybe the dealer wasn’t making enough money on the deal to be bothered with the extra work 😂😂

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    i just let the dealer do it, when i collect the car my private plate is on the new car and the £80 transfer fee is just added to the advanced payment. I have always done it like this and the dealer takes care of the old car and number plate.

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    I received a document with a code from Motability around 3 weeks before collecting my car and immediately dropped it into the dealership and just over a week before handover the dealer called me took £80 payment and the plates were on the car for collection and the dealer sorted the original plates back onto the vehicle being returned 👍

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