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    Has anyone been scammed online when buying products? I’ve just bought some apple airpods on ebay off a private seller and the seller seems young. I’ve sent the money and hopefully they turn up. Does anyone know what i could do if they don’t turn up? How hard it is to get money back after filing a dispute/ do the police ever investigate to help victims? I rarely buy online due to untrusty sellers. What’s your overall experience shopping on places like ebay?

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    eBay Money Back Guarantee covers most transactions on eBay. It means buyers can get their money back if an item didn’t arrive, is faulty or damaged, or doesn’t match the listing. Unless you can prove outright fraud I believe the police will just say it’s a civil matter. I wouldn’t ever pay direct into anyone’s bank account though and would use paypal.

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    @bobscot excellent advice there bob. Personally, I have been on ebay for many years and have never had a problem buying of selling. My mantra is if it don’t look right or raises your suspicions, then walk away.

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    Hello Summer, never really had any probs with online buying, until this recent one😳..

    Basically bought a fishing rod used it it broke, then the well established large seller tried to make out the part that broke wasn’t under warranty, and some how I broke it by using it🤣😂🤣..

    After 20 emails of the seller trying to fob me of, it ended up coming to this..

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    Whilst sending my 1st email I’d already realised it was pointless dealing with the seller, went straight to the manufacturer, after 3emails these included 1, pic of defect, 2, proof of purchase and my delivery address, 3, Thanking the manufacturer for my next day delivery replacement…

    My complaint was dealt with whilst they were still making pathetic excuses..

    As I say this is the first ever non helpful online purchase I’ve had from a seller…

    over 20 emails from them blaming me for using the product…

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    Persistence is the key. Should not be necessary.

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    I’d say a bit ignorance and using your own mind to decide what you are willing to agree with and not, I’ve never been a YES man for anyone I decide to be well let’s say above their station fwippers..

    Neither will I go with a crowd to fit in or be popular if I see wrong doing 👍..



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    Never had any bad problem with E-Bay or Amazon. Pay via PayPal. Few issues I have had, like clothing wrong size for example, have been solved OK with either a refund or replacement by seller.

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    Yes totally agree, online shopping have been an excellent choice for the many years we’ve used it…

    However the above was a recent purchase and on topic of Summer’s post..

    Just thought I’d share it, but yes Tharg for me online shopping is a plus, Amazon next delivery is excellent too..

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