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    Does anyone else here ever feel the need to do something completely unnecessary. Things I do is counting my steps in my head, touching something a certain amount of times, or have certain numbers they prefer/ avoid because it brings good/bad luck in their head? Or something even as silly as playing games in your head such as “I bet I can beat the next car to that lamppost”. Does anyone else do this kind of stuff or am I just crazy 😂😂

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    We play the same games!

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    Brad my wife suffers severe OCD, can’t stop volume at certain numbers, switches lights off then on then off again, eats the same things over and over again, wears the same clothes if she has had a good day with them on, asks me to return home as she hasn’t turned something off, which invariably she has switched it of (once we were twenty miles away from home.

    The list goes on and on and on and on to the extent that she doesn’t lead a “normal” life.

    She to does the numbers thing and when she could walk unaided she avoided cracks in the road but the eating the same thing over and over again is torture, in my eyes, as the food she eats is so bland and tasteless.

    life can be is so strange.

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    Yes! I heard that volume on the tv needing to be on a certain number is an extremely popular one

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