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    Hi all,

    Car gone into vw garage today for oil and filter service, just had a health check video sent and the report says that all four tyres are perished and cracking on outer edges. They have marked it as advisory, does that mean they need changing now and if so do I tell the garage to replace them or have I got to go to quick fit. Also who authorises the new tyres.



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    No. They don’t need doing yet. But if you go to Kwikfit, they will get replacements authorised if/when they are needed.

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    I think you have two options.

    You can go to Kwik Fit for a second opinion, and if there ‘professional’ opinion agrees with the servicing garage they will either contact Motability on your behalf, or advise you to contact them (depending on how busy they are) for permission to replace the tyres even though the tread depth is still legal.

    You can notify Motability yourself as a first move to report that you have received this advisory (on 0300 456 4566) and ask for advice. They are very friendly and helpful. This would record the fact that you hadn’t ignored the advisory. They will probably suggest that you take your vehicle to Kwik Fit for a decision on whether the tyres need replacing immediately, or are considered safe to run on.


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    Thanks for the prompt replies guys, much appreciated.

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    W had exactly the same issue at end of last lease. Skoda said tyres were crispy and gave an advisory, Kwick Fit said no, I went back after another 1500 miles and they said no again. I think it’s down to the staff at the branch you go to and maybe how they are on their monthly targets.

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    How badly are they cracking and perished would be my first question.

    Perished and cracking sidewalls if too bad can severely affect the tyres rigidity and strength could be compromised. It could also be a MOT failure. (This I can remember from when I worked at the Michelin as a electro mechanical engineer and we had to do a 3-4 day course  at ATS to learn about general tyre wear/safety)

    My advise would be either nip into Krap Fit or call the mobile team stating you have received an advisory on all 4 tyres as the sidewalls are perished and started to crack. I dare bet if you called out the mobile team they would automatically change them at your home. If you ring mb and say you have received a advisory and you would like them changed for safety reasons they will likely give ou the go ahead.

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    Well I’ve just had the car delivered back to me and I’ve had a look at the tyres . To be honest they don’t look that bad and on the service advisory sheet it says inspect again sept 2022, there’s plenty of tread and as I don’t do high mileage I’m pretty happy to leave them be for now.

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    Dealers have a habit of a) covering themselves over safety matters b) touting for business.  You are right David to let things alone for now.   Deteriorating sidewall rubber is something I would expect and be concerned about on ten year old tyres.

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