New Electric Scenic

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      was having a look over this yesterday, building on the impressive megane e tech but just bigger in all ways-could be one to watch with crossed fingers for some folks (myself included)


        Sat on the same platform as the Scenic and the Ariya, with the Ariya’s biggest battery, you know the underpinnings are well tested.  It is, however, another SUV type offering, great if you want one, disappointing if you really don’t like them.


        As you say, the Megane is impressive and you’d hope that the Scenic will be equally as well put together.

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        I'll try to give my honest opinion but am always open to learning.



          The Scenic uses same NMC battery but, Renault claims an extra 50 mile range, than the Ariya, although the Scenic is 4″ shorter.

          Watched a few Video’s and it looks ok but, depends if/when it joins the scheme, it joins my shortlist. However I hope the Scenic doesn’t turn out like the Austral, where Renault tryied to out do Nissan with the QQ only for it to be worse in most area’s!


            Wonder what its like to get into the back as have to say my Megan E Tec front seats are the most used but I had to get into the back seat for a few minutes for the first time and even tho 5ft 9 I couldnt get my head in the opening

            The seat is so high I had to some how duck down head in raise head and sit my bum down.

            Not something my condition appreciated lol and I soon got out maybe its not so bad for those a lot more flexable

            Wife and I always said rear space wasnt a choosing factor but blimey it was a bit of a surprise

            Still love the car but will keep out of the back lol

            Hopefully the Scenic is better in this dept

          Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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