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    New  landrove defender was revealed today and to be fair I think it’s quite a good looking Landy, I’m quite shocked I’m saying that.

    But at a rumoured start price of 40k I’m shocked and disappointed at that.

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    It does look good but as with the G Wagen, it was iconic and had many, many years left with the previous shape. I’m sure it will be a hit though & I can’t wait to see one in the metal.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    i think i will wait for the

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    and landrover site says £45000.00 for the 110 and £40k+ for the 90 and prob no autos.

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    I thought this was a football thread for a moment lol

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    There will be an auto option in the range, I know someone who’s partner has been working on just that.

    I’m just a bit disappointed with the price, not exactly the “everyman’s 4×4” nowadays is it.

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    I doubt most people will have a clue about the heritage and history of the Defender name and likewise I doubt they will ever go off road but I’ll Bet JLR will sell shed loads.

    What I can’t understand is why price it at 40k which is going to take sales away from the range rover evoque and the discovery sport.

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    I would have thought a £35k price tag was perfect for this, how can JLR miss the ball by so much, at £35k they would have had a huge waiting list, now, not so much, fools.

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    I honestly think that they’ll fly out the showrooms.  The price does seem a touch on the high side but with all the problems JLR are facing they’ll be banking on it.

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    Richard Hammond has a little review on YouTube. The model he’s sitting in is an automatic. I think the new defender looks brilliant, especially with the steel wheels.

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    I also think it looks great especially in HSE or X guise which i think will take a lot of sales away from the disco 5  because its better looking imho.

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    Exactly my point, selling loads of these to the customers that would have otherwise bought a different Landy doesn’t improve sales for JLR it just moves it sideways, if priced lower then they would have attracted a whole new ream of buyers away from the likes of Santa Fe, CX5, Kodiaq etc etc etc buyers.

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    Is it just me or does anyone else think it looks like a Skoda Yeti

    KIA Soul EV First Edition
    Scale modeller in my spare time

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    I would of thought a start price of under 30k for the basic model would have sold more units to a wider market.



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    Sub 30k would be a real bargain.


    To me it looks like a new mini on steroids. Very purposeful look I like it.

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    The prototype in Red has has been out for while.


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    Looks nice and practical does it come in other colours? lol

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    Looks lovely. But I think it nods more to the facelift hippo 1 as much as the series/Defs (which is fine by me).

    8 spd Auto is the standard, rather than the option. Tick.

    Barring lotto win of some sort of hitherto unknown relly croking it suddenly, can’t see that I’ll ever be having one 🙁

    Hopefully in three years or so when the next change is due the Jimny is on and I can lane in that 🙂

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