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    Hello all, any advice please iv’e just ordered a car over the phone the Audi dealer was a bit vague regarding procedure, what can i expect to happen next will they let me know when the factory have the order ? do Audi have online build checker like my current dealer Volvo ? any advice welcome thanks.

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    I’m pretty sure they’ve got a build checker, now soon you’ll get a PIN sent from motability, keep it safe as you’ll need it on the day you collect the car, make sure you look around the car and it’s got everything you ordered right spec etc, then when you’re satisfied enter the pin with the dealer (although I’m not sure how entering pin works with lockdown)

    what car did you end up ordering if you don’t mind me asking, enjoy!

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    You can also register with motability online to see the application and approval where your pin will also be available for you if you ever lose it .

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    s watson

    Thank you

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    with another lockdown  Motability has extended the Remote Ordering process where available by dealership and continued the  Pin Entry Exemptions. latest update from Motability.

    FAQs from the Motability Scheme regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

    i would Advise anyone that doesnt already have it to set up an online motability account

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    What have you ordered jmac? Did they give you a rough delivery date? Everything going on certainly makes this process harder

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    s watson

    ordered the Audi A3 12-16 weeks

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