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    Just wondering if anyone knows how long the current wait is for a new application checks with motability

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    A few days usually

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    I was told yesterday the DWP are taking 10 days to confirm the applicant complies with their criteria. All down to Covid apparently.

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    Wow I must be a lucky one then, I placed my order for a new vehicle on a Thursday with the dealership, by Friday morning I received my order number from the sales lady.

    Im unsure as whether being existing customer helped with completing the checks but I was shocked 😮 not even 1 day and application was successful.

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    Thanks for the responses I’ve heard everything from a couple of days to 10 working days hoping it isn’t that long

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    Steve I think if like me you are making your first application the process does take a lot longer than for existing Motability customers. My Kia dealership put the application in on Thursday 8th October but have still not heard anything. Hope you will have better luck.

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    For you guys playing the waiting game you can check your application progress if you create a Motability account using your member number.

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    Chris-k thank you for that link. I ordered a car thursday at 4pm, and the rep said you’ll need to wait 7-10 days.


    But just checked and my application has been approved. 👍

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    Mike Charles

    Ordered 3pm Tuesday 20th Oct and was approved earlier today 24th Oct. First time motabilty customer.

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    Great news Mike well done. Another of my theories bites the dust lol!

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    Mike Charles

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Daf, I was really tempted by the Kia Soul and still am! just the AP was too much, so went for a seat ateca. But the Kia soul is still in back of my mind telling me to cancel the seat order and just go for it lol! The whole changing over to EV excites me. 🙂 I’ve been trying to work out the sums to see if I’ll make the ap back by changing to electric.</p>

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    Application got approved yesterday morning it was submitted on the 22nd, now just waiting on the car

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    Hi Mike, have you had a drive of the Soul yet? It really is easy to drive and if you like a little speed it certainly can supply it. It’s a real shame the ap is so big otherwise a lot more people would be going for it. Having said that the Seat Ateca is a terrific car as well. From what I’ve seen the cost of EV is about a third of the cost of a ICE vehicle so there should be considerable savings. Good luck with your choice mate.

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