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      Hi All,

      Went to the NEC big event on Saturday, a great way to compare a lot of cars quickly we found,  we could walk from one to another and back again to compare  boot sizes, hight , etc couldn’t do that driving from one dealer to another. we only went to look at EV’s but plenty of ICE options too there.

      A couple of surprises we found there, the New e3008 was on display and we had plenty of time to look it over, checked the boot the seats and size, it was really nice, first time i know to that anyone has had chance to see one in the flesh so to speak, we also got to see the new Renault Scenic, that was a car the wife really liked but on checking later the one on display was the top of the range version with solar blind sunroof and and nice light interior that really worked well. the biggest surprise was  the new Ford explorer . a really nice car inside, it went top of the list for me. its not on the price list yet but we got told it will be in the next few weeks. the price i couldn’t tie  the chap down to the AP figure but he said it will be less than the mustang , later after a few more people asked the same question he seemed to give up and said he expected about £1000 AP when it comes on the list. i hope thats right but its a lot of car for that figure. it didn’t seem to big on the event but just did a check on the size now we are home and it suggests its 2m wide, if thats the case its just to difficult to park in the narrow parking bays nowadays 🙁

      for the wife the Scenic wins the day, just wish that the standard spec one would be at the shows so you can see what you get/looks like if you order one rather than the top spec version.

      over all a great event but the cost off food (£14 a burger and a few chips) is over the top and the way in to the part of the car park for the big event could do with a few more larger arrows pointing the way

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        I’m a bit gutted that we couldn’t go this year, especially as I’m approaching 5 years with my present car. We only live a 20 minute drive from the NEC so normally it’s dead easy to pop along but this year’s show dates clashed with our already booked holidays! 😟

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