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    Hi I hope someone can help struggling to find anything on Google. I am looking into a MG HS SUV and want to know if a 80kg 4 way boot hoist will fit.

    My scooter is a pride go go elite traveller Length is 100.3cm & Width is 49.5cm & Height is 73.66cm.

    If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated, many thanks


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    Your best bet would be to ring the company that would fit it for you, they have a tool that essentially they put the car details in and it will tell them the max dimensions available for your scooter/wheelchair

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    The scooter will fit across the boot as we have one and don’t need to lower the rear seats, just need to remove the seat on the scooter, not sure about with the hoist as we don’t use one.

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    Thank you Karl and Gary for your reply they are very helpful

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    I don’t know anything about the MG and it’s boot size but have an Elite Traveller Deluxe secondary scooter that was/is used with a AutoChair LC Range 80Kg 4 way hoist.

    The amount of room you need for hoist plus scooter is a bit like asking how long a piece of string is because apart from length of boots and scooters you have so many variation on how to load it for instance if your able to dismantle the scooter into four or five pieces or do you need to load it all in one piece.

    As a rule of thumb you need to measure the boot length taking into account if you need the back seats to be usable or not and after that you need the height of the aperture of the back door. Once you have the height deduct 100mm (4”) for the hoists boon and from that measurement then what’s left is the height of you scooter with or without its seat in according to what you can handle.

    Taking my case as an example with my car my Go-Go Lite Traveller goes into the boot complete however I upgraded (mid lease) my scooter to include all around suspension and this scooter cannot be loaded with the captains seat in place but fortunate for myself I’m able to remove the seat with the one good hand and one good leg I’ve got but you can see the complication that can creep in if your not wary.

    Like others have said above, if you have decided on a car plus a hoist give your local Motability recommended hoist installer a call as I’m sure they would have fitted one before to that car.

    The 80 Kg hoist will fit most cars and shouldn’t be a problem as indeed the 150 Kg version does as I had one of those in a hired car and was exactly the same model and size as my 80 Kg hoist but assume it had more powerful motors or gearing as the lifting tackle was the same and took up the same space.

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    Thank you ChrisK for your advice, yes my scooter dismantles into pieces but I can’t do that myself physically which is why wanting a hoist where it doesn’t need dismantling. I will speak to the hoist fitter and see what they say. thank you for your advice


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    I’ve got a Kona EV with hoist to lift either my SupaScoota Sport or Dash Efold in, it requires the two thirds part of the back seat folding down, turning the car into a three seater when carrying either. Maybe this helps you?

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