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    I’ve had my MG HS since July 20 – firstly it’s the most comfortable and spec/tech  laden SUV I’ve had & most importantly comfy for my disability etc…

    but although I love it there have been glitches – most desktop with by the ‘comfort update’ but a few ad hoc gremlins.

    most importantly, abd concerning, is the problems with the auto box – sluggish, indecisive, even I feel dangerous at times tbh & I feel apprehensive & unsure driving it.
    NB been driving 33 yrs this year many manuals & automatics – so au fait with how autism work.

    my MG has been in the dealership twice to be looked at – the last time I gave both the MG dealer (and Motability) operations info and evidence from this form & other social media platforms – that there is an ‘auto box software / engine management updates ’ – both the dealer & MG U.K. itself both debt bay knowledge of such an update.

    the dealer says it could find any issues & that they reset the auto box settings – whatever that means.

    the auto box hesitancy, sluggishness and lack of real smoothness in changing up is a real concern abd worry when I drive it – albeit primarily short limited journeys in lockdown etc..

    ive lost faith in my dealer and no other mg dealers in my county & have no faith in MG U.K. – sure miscommunication, comms and lack of interest / CRM !!!

    I’ll be contacting Motability operations again

    whilst many are happy with their MG HS autos, I’m very happy for them, I’m not – nor am I alone 🙁

    as much as I love the car [practicality & confort] these persistent albeit as hoc issues with my MG HS are making the driving stressful and fearful tbh and can’t continue this way

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    John Morris

    I nearly ordered one end of December. It was only the reviews on the auto box that put me off as I had to have an auto. I would definitely call motability and in my experience they are so easy to deal with. Even if you have to ask for a voluntary cancellation (£250 although in some cases including mine this is waived) which should be possible if you haven’t done it before.

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    Menorca Mike

    Thank god I never had one I was going to the dealer before Christmas

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    Unfortunately I’ve had to cancel / early terminate cars before once because change in disability / pain levels & once cause I’ve had to change from manual to auto for health reasons. I was told I couldn’t early terminate again as I’d be taken of the scheme 🙁

    Any advise ?

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    I guess it depends how long ago that was dante.

    All i can say is sometimes some auto gearboxes try to always be in the highest gear and are always changing up imo way to early and i leaves you having to kickdown with the gas peddle, which for me is a big issue.

    so i drive alot in sport mode or use the manual mode or the flappy paddles. It depends on the car..

    I last had a vw golf and it had the dsg box( that so many love) and at it’s mot it had a software update and it became nasty to drive. I could not wait to get rid of it..

    So i do understand what you are saying. Often modern cars change/adapt to your driving style. So if you drive it hard and thrash it abit it may help reset the engine management, but if the software set to always be at lowest revs possible it can be a real issue. Say you cruising along then need to accelerate it’s like you in 7th gear unless you put the gas to the floor and then it revs so high and there’s no inbetween so it can be a big issue. I used to drive for a living and i hated auto’s but these days it’s all i can drive and i have what some call a bad gearboz a cvt on the civic sport i have now and i love it so smooth and no issues at all..


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