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    Hi All,

    Just wondering if anyone can shed light on current Mercedes times from a real world experience.. Mercedes dealers don’t know whether they’re coming or going.

    Ordered A class expected 31st October I know that’s not realistic given the chip shortage but what have current people’s wait times been in reality?

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    I’ve ordered in June and still no build slot. Most likely May 2022 for me.

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    With what looks like the end of Mercedes on the scheme, I’m sure Motability customers will be bottom of the pile regarding orders.

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    Yes I’m the same ordered beginning of June, got an estimated delivery date on the order sheet of 31st October, however still no build slot. I read on here that the majority of delays are down to dealer having no allocated production slots, so I reached out to Mercedes HQ who are absolutely no help and just redirect you to the dealer who say they’ll be in touch when they have an update.

    I’ve always wanted a Mercedes and saved so hard so that I can be able to afford one. I have been really disappointed with their customer service so far. I know there’s going to be a long wait.. I just hope it’s worth it!

    Very sad about Mercedes being pulled from the scheme I hope they still honour all of our orders.

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    I ordered October 2020. My car has apparently been built but is awaiting a microchip. The delivery date is showing as a date in the past and Mercedes have no idea when it will be delivered.

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    Is there a way to track a Mercedes order or do you have to just keep chasing?

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    What’s going to happen now with existing orders?

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    Not sure, I’m still awaiting for any type of update for mine.

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    I have an outstanding GLA order, lodged in August, that is awaiting the dealership to have an allocation before building can start. I spoke with the dealer on Monday and my order is unaffected by Mercedes’ withdrawal. However, now looking into next year for the car to arrive due to the ongoing supply issues – there is no definite timescale.

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    I heard from Mercedes HQ it’s down to build allocation slots rather than actual supply issues – obviously they must be having some but not (wanting to admit to it).

    Ordered my A class in June supposed to be arriving 31st October however still no build slot yet .. so we wait! GLA is nice and hope you get your vehicle soon 😊

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    Thanks Josh – you too. I have an A200 at present and love it so I’m sure you’ll have a great 3 years when it comes.

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    Just to update anyone who might need it, I visited my Mercedes dealer today.

    He said that I will be looking at a delivery date of early next year (ordered in June). He said Mercedes have come off the scheme for Q4 to get through the sheer amount of Motability orders they have, and aim to come back on the scheme in Q1 2022.

    They don’t think the chip shortage will run into the end of 2022. A Class and GLA are most effected but if you want a bog standard one they can get you one within a week (if you are willing to swap your existing order). Mercedes are also not allowed to sell any cars in their show rooms just those on the forecourt  as they can’t replace them.

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    Interesting ,my order for CLA top range had  big ap £5690 , order went in June ,  I’m told by my  dealer. (  it has a build slot )

    I suppose that’s good if it has a build slot,  is that good ? Do dealers say it has build slot if it doesn’t  ??.dealer has been very good, just have to wait ????  .

    Mercedes cars return Q1 2022, BMW still on scheme but only 1 series 2 series,

    Skoda removed maybe back 2022??


    A poor selection on motability ,Oct ,Nov .

    Well I look forward to new car BUT will just wait until this order is delivered or not  whatever.

    Realistically Jan 2022.


    I have great car at present.

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    Edit BMW have x1 X2 also,at present

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