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    Just been to the local Mercedes dealership. They say the GLA will be coming back on the scheme in the next few days. Anyone heard anything else?

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    John Newton

    I hope it does I just ordered a B200 AMG with premium plus pack but it will be changed to a GLA if it is added. I should also  say brilliant service from Paul at Newcastle Mercedes

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    Oooh that is good news….lol


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    Our dealership told us on Saturday it was a no-go, as costs couldn’t be agreed as some models go over 40k. Would be surprised if they added a vehicle, just after announcing new prices….

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    John Newton

    I fear the price would rule it out, if so I’m still happy with my B class the tech is amazing

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    We saw the £500 price hike in the new Q3 listings for the A180D AMG line…I guess the GLA would be the same.

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    Hi John,

    Can I ask what estimated build time they gave you? I ordered a B180d AMG auto at the end of December and the suggestion is that I might see it by November this year. The plus side is that it now comes with the executive pack which it diddnt when I ordered it.

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    They still have a load of the old model gla,s sitting around…I rounder if they are intending to offload them at a discounted ap

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    For a a200 premium plus, we’ve been given an estimate of the middle of September, when we ordered on Saturday.

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    John Newton

    Hi Gordon my order is officially being submitted on the 22nd and he said end of October . How did you find the ride? I was surprised how nice it was.

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    Hi brad, if you ever speak to them can you ask them about the GLB, if it’ll ever make it onto the scheme

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    Hi John,

    I had a test drive in the B200d AMG auto and absolutely loved it. I know the AMG has a firmer suspension but it seemed fine to me. Thats great news if you can get one by the end of October, I’m just hoping that mine will materialise soon from the end of December 2019.

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    I would take what a dealer tells you with a pinch of salt.
    How many times in the past have we been told cars are coming on soon and they never appear.


    Tiguan fan boy

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    The MB salesperson xontacted me to see if i was still interested in a car. I replied only the GLA, and that i had heard it was returning to the motability list in a few days. He was skeptical, but on further investigation, he was surprised that the information is indeed correct. He said that MB will be revising the list and prices next week. Hopefully that will happpen. I reckon that the GLA  competittor, the xc40 dropping in price caught MB  by surprise. Hopefully MB will drop their AP prices….yup a lot of hoping and crossed fingers and toes.. lol..


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    Hi Everyone, Does anyone know roughly what the A.P of these were if they were on the scheme before please. Many Thanks

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    Last quarter before new version came out I think top spec one was on for £1700-1800.

    if the other merc prices are a guide I think top spec will be between 3000-4000 for new version if it joins the scheme

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    Thanks Andy

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    Sat in one and it’s stunning looking but think I might be priced out as you need premium or premium plus to get larger instrument cluster screen

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    The loser spec GLA’s started at £899 and went up from there. Looking at the Mercedes prices Q3, they took a big increase.  This was only a couple of weeks ago and I reckon MB were caught out. I think MB will re-align their AP prices to compete with Volvo and BMW, we may indeed see the prices fall in the next few days.


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    i hope your right ,because CLA prices are high for upper spec and unless GLA  go more in line with B class it will price me out as the car doesn’t look right with one instrument dial ,so you have to get premium minimum in my opinion

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    Lower…not loser…ffs my eyesight….lol.

    But yeah Andy you are correct, the higher spec screen looks so much better and as a few of us are getting a bit older and our eyesight degrades, we need that larger screen…that is what I keep telling myself anyway….lol.




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    Hi everyone , does anyone have any news regarding the GLA joining the scheme , I spoke to my local dealer earlier this week and they confirmed  that the car would be on the scheme soon but couldn’t elaborate any further only that pricing was currently being finalised

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    Ian M

    We ordered a B200 Premium Plus just before lockdown (March) and now being told that MB not even restarted production of B class and will not be available till new year.

    Dealer aware of the GLA rumours but know no more yet.
    Didnt like the look of the old GLA but the new one looks fantastic.

    Following this closely as would change order to new GLA if available in Premium plus in a heartbeat.

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    Thanks for that Ian , the dealer I spoke to actually called MB to check and was told negotiations are more or less finished regarding it , they are just sorting out the A.P , he couldn’t give a timescale but said it’s more or less imminent

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    John Newton

    My order is for a B200 Prem + but if the same spec GLA is around the same price then it’s a no brainer to change my order

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