Let’s see the pets

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    PetAny pets pictures from the members

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    Nice Alsatian file28

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    Blue really is making herself at home now.  🙂

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>@Georgie</p>
    She certainly is and loves lying on “her” bench in the garden

    If my wife is at home on her own she doesn’t leave her side and is very protective towards her

    Really well behaved and an excellent guard dog

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    Flie28 – Blue is one seriously gorgeous pooch. Our Tilly also, sometimes, tries to be a “by-your-side” guard dog but this only serves to earn her the new name “Trip Hazard”.

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    Which Mobility Car


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    That’s a great pic, Ziggy looks in great shape, Well done..

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    DogHere he is Biscuit just taking a look at the water, looks s if Ziggy loves it in there.

    He will have a paddle though lol

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    Which Mobility Car

    That’s a great pic, Ziggy looks in great shape, Well done..

    It’s a pic from a couple of years ago, she has a grey beard and a bit of middle aged spread now. She’s a great companion, well behaved too. (which is total luck)

    I wanted to get a dog for my son, tried to get one from the pound but they would not let us as we had a ‘complex’ family apparently. I grew up with a SBT, she was the best dog ever, she went a little ‘funny’ later in life, developed a penchant for chasing a certain German Shepard. I cried for a week when we lost her.

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    I have a soft spot for black labs.  Previous neighbours had two and I’d sometimes borrow them for the whole afternoon and walk them for miles – through the wood, across the heath and around the pond.  One was very sensible but the other was mad as a hatter!

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    Which Mobility Car

    Ziggy falls into both camps, at home she is quiet and happy to sleep the day away, she keeps away from everyone as much as she can, unless required for sofa company. Once the lead comes out she switches, can’t wait to get to the park, runs around like a puppy and thinks every single person wants to see her. She never developed social etiquette around other dogs, approaching them at great speed, lying on her back then jumping up and running away in a large crazed circular movement. She loves the tennis ball and open water almost as much as she does food! Boy does she love the food, nothing is safe, many a child’s sandwich has disappeared as did the quality street one christmas, followed by an interesting few days picking colourful things up in the park!

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    When my brother was 4 he was sitting under the dining table eating a Mars Bar and Aunty’s dog, Toby, shot under the table, cleanly lifted the bar from brothers hand, and shot out again without slowing down.

    Toby was a Heinz 57 that looked like a large greyhound wearing German Shepherd’s coat.  I used to walk him when I was 11/12 and the whole exercise could be summed up in repeated “Come back, faithful hound!  Oh, well, stay there then . . . “

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    Some nice memories and the pics are great too.

    I remember my Nans old school Jack Russell, it wouldn’t move from her side, till my Mum arrived with the 6 grandkids. That dog wouldn’t stop running but would take straight back to Nans side soon as we went.

    I too grew up with SBT my uncle was renown for breeding them.

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    Lovely to see so many folks like Staffies. Some of you may already have seen these, but this istaffie Porperty Rules…

    If I like it, it’ mine.

    If it’s in my mouth, it’s mine.

    If I had it a moment ago, it’s mine.

    If it looks like mine, it’s mine.

    If it’s on the floor, it’s mine.

    If I’ve licked it, it’s mine.

    If you put it down, it’s mine.

    If I’ve chewed it the bits are mine.

    If it’s broken, it’s yours.

    If I want it back, it’s mine.

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