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    I’ve been a motability customer for over 35 years and would like to share my experience of dealing with KWIK FIT Cumbernauld.

    I found a screw in my rear tyre on Tuesday evening,I went to Kwik Fit on Wednesday afternoon to be told I need 3 new tyres which they would order for me and gave me an appointment for yesterday ,Thursday.

    I was told it would be a 40 min wait so I waited outside,after 5 mins the tyre fitter told me they would need to order special tyres because they are run flat,I asked them if they could come to my work in Glasgow city centre today Friday to change them and he gave me their Kwik fit mobile tyre fitting service number.

    I phoned them straight away to be told there’s no one available in the city centre until Saturday,I then asked if they could come to my house and was told the same so I arranged for Kwik fit to come to my house on Saturday,any time between 8.30 and 2.

    I’ve just had a voicemail from Kwik fit saying they have nobody in my area tomorrow morning so I phoned them back and explained I can’t drive my car as I have a screw in rear tyre and I’m only allowed to drive max distance of 50 my 2 front tyres are practically at the minimum depth of tread.

    They are trying to arrange somebody to come to my work on Monday.

    I’m halfway through my lease and have been thinking for a while about leaving motability and this experience has just made me realise what a rubbish “service”Kwik fit provide.I will not be returning to motability after my current lease.

    It’s not worth the hassle and stress of trying to get a tyre changed from Kwik Fit.


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    Par for the course, in my experience. If the screw is in the tread, I can think of no reason they couldn’t have fixed that on your first visit and sort the rest out later.

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    Phone motability and let them know your experience with Kwik Fit. One bad experience in 35 years isn’t bad.

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    I had one bad experience in 9 years, Mike. But I only used them once in 9 years.  It’s not like you use them every day.

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    Sounds like you’ve had a bad time. I have nothing but praise for Kwik Fit myself. Mobile service has always turned up when it was supposed to and at depots service has been of an acceptable standard.

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    @john I can understand your frustration with Kwik fit in this incident. However after 35 years with Motability it seems a drastic action to take in leaving the scheme.

    There are a fair few posts slating Kwik Fit for their service, there also a fair few praising the the service they have received. It is also worth pointing out that there are Other suppliers of Kwik fit tyres Who’s names evade me at this time of writing. I am sure someone will post who they are.


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    I’ve used that KwikFit in cumbernauld myself and have had good and bad experiences there..  same as I’ve had in garages, restaurants, hotels, shops, delivery drivers, workplaces etc etc pretty much everywhere you go that involves dealing with other people 🤷‍♂️

    But one incident in 35 years is a bit of an overreaction… unless there’s other things about motability that have been annoying you?

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    Had the car a few months used it once, screw in middle of the tyre, sorted it out, quick and easy, if fact I posted on here not so long ago..

    I was surprised how many seemed to say they weren’t happy though..

    Guess I was lucky..


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    I’ve had nothing but crap from kwikfit over the years one depot repaired a puncture in a sidewall (not motability) without telling me that was via lex leasing.

    I have used Sts Tyres Pros for years privately & my motability car will be going there when it needs it.

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    I ‘ve had pretty poor service overall from Kwikfit except in Aberdeen, where they repaired two punctures when I turned up 5 mins before closing time (having used the gunge & compressor in the tyres to get me there). My nearest branch is hopeless, they broke my security wheelnut during a tyre replacement & just told me to take it to the dealers, not their problem…

    I now use Tyre City (the name Joss was looking for I think), owned by the same company, but the local one is very good – I’d assume each branch would have to be judged on its own merits.

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    Thanks for your replies ,

    a mobile fitter phoned me last night and is hoping to replace the tyre with screw today but not the 2 front tyres as Kwik fit only orders 1 tyre instead of 3.

    their service has got worse over the years,I’ve got used to them telling me that I have another 1000-1500 miles left on a particular tyre but when I return they say the same thing.

    Thanks again for everyone’s comments


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