Is it a problem to wait six months on a car?

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    There have been many posts about waiting times for some cars, but is it just me that doesn’t really care how long a car takes to be delivered? The thing that really gets me is salesman saying it will be two months but then it turns out to be six. If they are upfront with the estimated delivery date then thats good enough for me, two months, four months or six months, it doesn`t bother me.

    After all we are not kids waiting on Christmas.

    Or is it just me lol.


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    the problem in part is an “i want it now attitude” nowadays, amazon etc same day delivery etc people expect instant gratification. but i agree the worst part of ordering a car are the lies told by dealers and sales people they ruin the experience. i would much rather they were realistic with delivery dates in the first place.

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    I was eager to get my new car based on what the sales man told me. Being somewhat naive I believed him. hahahaha. I learned a lesson from this. Always take a good pinch of salt with you. However at the heart of all this was me not knowing that your lease only starts once you enter your pin number!. So I naively though any delays would eat into my 3 year lease.

    Once I found out this was not the case, i felt more relaxed about it and stopped worrying about delays.

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    We waited 6 months for a Mokka when they first came out. What a piece of s**t that car was. Only lasted 3 months and the lease was terminated. Don’t know if i’d ever do that again.

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    It wouldn’t bother me IF I was happy with the car I have now, as I am fed up with the Juke and it’s lacklustre engine and gearbox the minimum two month delay on it’s replacement is pi$$ing me off.

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    The problem is not in the waiting but when circumstances change with regards to your disability and yes “were not children” but we are disabled.

    In my case it was not so much my disability changing being the disabled one, but my wife’s simply getting older and no longer abled to lift my scooter, even in parts, into the car.

    I ordered a car and was told it would be 5 months so I consult my carer wife and she agrees its a long time but it summer and ageing aches and pains are not so bad so we decide to wait the 5 months.

    After 3 to 4 months go by rumours are riff here and on other forums that there is delays to production due to WLTP so after asking the dealer if there’s any truth in that and eventually I get told its going to be another 4 months on top of the 5 so 9 months all told.

    Now were into late October and the days are getting colder and the aches and pains are starting to show for a new season so drastic action had to be taken and I cancelled and ordered something of the shelf so now I’ve got a car that’s capable and I can live with for another 3 years but its not the car I wanted as it has no electronic hand brake but should my next car be delayed I can get by because the wife does not have to lift my scooter into the car any more, unless something changes by then, who knows.

    Honesty is the best policy when it comes to the disabled because we can judge for ourselves if the wait is worth it as it’s not our brains that are disabled and I did not blame the dealer entirely because the manufacturer was mostly to blame but did the manufacturer tell the dealer is the one million dollar question.

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    No no Chris obviously things can change with health etc but I don’t mean that, I mean in general. A six month wait does not effect your three year contract so to me the wait is not a problem.

    The problem arises when something new comes on the scheme that you really do prefer, personally or for health reasons. The longer your delivery time the more likely this is.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    I can’t even get a test drive so the chances of me ordering another scheme car is looking less and less likely, but that doesn’t change the fact that reps lie to your face about delivery times, I actually thing they perceive disabled as mentally challenged and treat us like muppets spewing any old shite just to get a signature and get us out the door so they can get back to selling to the real humans and avoid the chance of becoming infected!

    Reality isn’t a place too many car salesmen ever visit.

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    I originally ordered my new cars in March and changed my car for years at the start of June, which gave me half of the summer months to enjoy my new car, However I had a three month delay in 2009 when Vauxhall had a problem getting Insignia’s and I did not get my car until October just before the winter was due to set in. On top of that my Father was buying my 3 year old Citreon C4 from Motability, so he had to get a car which was another three months older, without Motability reducing the price of the car, even although I was still paying my DLA allowance during that time, for an older car.

    So yes I think it matters, especially if you have extended it for the five years and also especially if you the driver, are the disabled person and your condition does change. It may matter less to people who are not disabled but are driving a disabled member of the family’s Motability car.

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    Like most previous mentions, it’s not the time but the information. When I ordered the Sharan in late June the salesman said realistically looking at 12 weeks (at least I suspect). I’m ok with the Kuga so not bothered about waiting, but if  I had issues and 12 weeks had been too long then I’d have appreciated the honesty. Wonder if I’ll get the Sharan by Christmas? Lol.

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    We are in the opposite situation ordered a Jeep Compass auto at the begging of June and it arrived at dealership a week later (as they don’t do factory orders only what’s already off production line). Have to wait for current lease to run out before we are allowed the compass, so annoying that it will have been sat in dealership yard for nearly 3 months when official changeover date comes in September.

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    i got lucky,ordered a ford mondeo and the dealer said 6 weeks and i was gob smacked when it arrived on time.from experience and what people say on here it seems to be the vag cars that are taking 6 months.

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    Marina Brian

    Ready to be depressed? 6 months wait? How long do you suppose you have left to live? 10?20?30? years. Work out what 6 months is of that as a percentage.

    Still happy to wait 6 months?

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    It’s fine saying people don’t want to wait if you already have a motability vehicle and can just keep it.

    But if like me it’s your first car, I needed a more suitable and more reliable car so myself and my wife could leave the house when we wanted.

    The thought of waiting 6 months not being able to do what we want when we wanted is a scary one.

    My wife suffers anxiety with her  epilepsy so won’t go in hospital transport, I can’t get in and out of an uber style cab as it’s too low and like me my wife can’t walk far, we couldn’t make it even to our nearest bus stop.

    So we needed a car as soon as possible for our mental health.


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