instead of extending lease could we lease a new version of our current car

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    as some leases are being extended a lot because of covid lockdown and there doesn’t look like its going to improve much , could we take on a new lease over a new version of our current car if our current car meets our needs .. i know they have extended leases and thats great but my car 65 plate ,  is 5 and a half years old with almost 80.000 miles on the clock

    i could lease an up to date version of my car , problem is its not on the scheme just know , volvo xc60 awd

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    Glos Guy

    Hi Martinod. I’ve read your question twice and am still not entirely sure what you are asking. As far as I know, the longest you can extend a lease is to 5 years, but in the current climate I’m sure they would extend it further (frankly they have no choice if you can’t get out to try cars, plus even if you ordered now a new car could take up to 6 months to come).  If you are asking if they would let you order a new XC60 because you currently have one, the answer is a definite no, as it’s no longer available via Motability.

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    Not if it’s not on the scheme

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    You cannot order a car that’s not on the scheme, what you could do is buy your xc60 i guess, or leave the scheme and get an xc60 either new or 2nd hand but not on the scheme.

    Personally I never keep my car more than 3 years and never add any extra’s as i just don’t see value there for me. After all most of the time you then paying the same for an older car than you are for a new one.

    Which to me makes no sence at all. Unless the ap is high and you intend to buy at some point..

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    Hi Martinod,

    Something else for you to consider, we part exchanged our 3yr old XC60 D5 SE-LUX AWD for a new model XC60 T5 Momentum Pro AWD about 2yrs ago and have regretted it ever since. The new model is inferior in just about every way. It’s still a decent car, but the previous model, the one you have, is simply better. I could list the many areas where I’ve been disappointed (and I will if you want me to), but I’ll suffice by saying that we won’t be getting another. My scheme leased XC40 on the other hand, I really like, but I was one of the lucky ones who ordered when the AP was much lower! I guess my point is that the XC60 is unlikely to come back on the scheme, but even if it were to, there are better cars out there to consider.

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