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    Tony Langford

    Hi all

    Thought it might be a good idea for us to give our initial thoughts on our cars after collecting them, to give potential orderers an honest opinion on different cars.

    So I picked up my Volvo XC40 Inscription Pro T3 today. I chose Denim Blue paint and Blonde leather interior and the only extra I ordered was Apple CarPlay. I ordered a few days before end of December to avoid what I thought would be a big price hike in Q1; turns out I was right, went from £1899 ap in December to £3199 ap on Jan 1st (ouch). So just over a 9 week wait, which I thought was quite good seen as we ‘are in unprecedented times’! Why the Volvo xc40 you ask? Well I had the xc60 for last 4 years and was very happy with the car, in particular the seats, I have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and pain and discomfort are constant and the seats in my xc60 have been a godsend, especially the heated elements and the height of the seat,Additionally, 4 years ago I needed a big car, now not so much so my initial thinking was the xc40.

    However, I decided to test drive a few cars, Audi Q3, VW Tiguan, BMW X1, as well as the xc40. After ummming  and ahhing I plumped for the xc40 for a number of reasons, I won’t bore you with them but if interested feel free to pm me. The dealers themselves varied greatly to how interested they were in my business (or not) and that was definitely a factor in choosing; remember we have to deal with them for the next 3 years!

    So how do I feel about my choice after a day with the vehicle? So far I’m happy with my choice but obviously not done that much driving so will update this thread as time goes on. But I do have a few points to make:

    1. Was concerned that the T3 would be under powered compared to a B4 but also was concerned about the mpg on the bigger engine (lots of people getting very low mpg with the B4). So I plumped for the T3, and all I can say is it’s more than ample for the roads I drive. My xc60was 190 odd horsepower and shifted, this is only 160 odd he but a lighter car. No, it’s no sports car but it’s a small suv and is luxurious and relaxing to drive; it does what it says on the tin!

    2. The model I chose is pretty loaded spec wise and there isn’t much more I would need or want. I felt it was better value than the other premium brands that had a bigger ap and less spec. Yes, I consider Volvo a premium brand along with BMW and Audi, you may not but that’s an argument for later. I won’t list the spec you can look online but there’s a fair bit of kit on this thing.

    3. Having added Apple CarPlay I now know was a good choice. once connected I can use my Tidal app for music or my partners Deezer app, again for music. I can send messages via WhatsApp with voice command, use Siri for loads of stuff and google search, all by voice command; I’m pretty sure I’ve not discovered everything yet!

    4. Apparently, when I get Volvo on call set up, according to the sales asst I can heat the car and defrost windscreen of a morning before I get in, as well as locking and unlocking from my app. I’ll let you know when it’s set up if it’s any good.

    5. I have heard a few people on here say their seats have been uncomfortable, mine appear to be just as good as my xc60’s but that maybe because mine was only built a couple of weeks ago. What I would say in the leg/thigh bolsters (if that’s what you call them, brain not working) do add comfort as long as you don’t extend them, then, for me anyway, they sort of dig in back of your leg.

    6. The ride so far feels fairly good, the suspension seems to smooth out most road faults and bumps. Yes, if you put your foot down it’s has some body roll but remember it’s a small suv not a sports car! Noise in cabin seems very low but have yet to hit the motorways.


    So for day 1 that’s about as much as I can say. If anyone interested I can put a few pics up, just let know . Please I urge people to give me their views, no offence taken if you don’t agree and please feel free to post your initial views on your cars.


    Thanks all

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    I picked up my XC40 RD pro B4 in December, I’m pleased with it. It’s comfortable and easy to live with.

    Mpg is poor, doesn’t bother me as much now because I’m not really driving although that will change from next week.
    I didn’t opt for rear camera which I regret because the parking sensors are more than rubbish. Dealer can retro fit but not in a rush to do it.

    Power wise it’s adequate, when I drive it’s usually 3kids, 2 adults 80% of the time so the more powerful b4 is decent.
    Car speakers are poor but nothing I can do about that.
    interior space is good for the a small family.
    I got it when the AP was £2k, if it was the price it is today the Tiguan is the better choice.

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    Nice write up @Tony Langford

    I look forward to following your review in the coming weeks and months.

    ***🌻🌻🌻 ***
    Current car BMW X2 2.0i Sport sDrive Auto 2019 with Sport pack
    Last car Ford Focus Titanium 1.5 TDCI
    Builder of Gaming PC's

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    Totally agree Joss, excellent write up, and a very good idea Tony.

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    Great idea and brilliant thorough review.

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    Seat Ateca Xcellence Lux 1.5 Petrol Manual (2020 pre-facelift)

    Picked this up in July due to the diesel Tiguan I ordered back in February still not being available.

    I was hoping to get the diesel version but when Motability re-opened July 2nd it had been removed from the scheme and as I had no car at the time I had to take what I could get quickly.

    There’s nothing really wrong with it, I find it comfortable enough to drive, I’m just over 6′ 5″ and have worsening mobility problems.  The only criticisms would be the lack of grip in snow (19″ alloys) and the adaptive cruise control is overly sensitive to parked cars, cars slowing 2-300yds ahead etc. and hammering the brakes on unnecessarily.

    Internal room is pretty good, I have a 6′ 2″ son who sometimes prefers to sit in the back where he can’t be seen (Autism) and there’s a good amount of leg and headroom for him with the front passenger seat pushed forward.

    I do wish I’d got the Tiguan or diesel version of the Ateca, the 1.5TSI isn’t a bad engine but has poor torque, pulling away in 2nd in snow isn’t an option, it just dies.  Fuel economy is about the same as my previous 1.2 petrol Yeti, about 35 round the doors and up to 38 on longer runs.  I have to do a 115 mile round trip (which will be my longest journey in it) next month so I’ll see how it performs then.

    I think my overall description of it would be “bland”, there’s nothing majorly wrong with it, lots of toys in it but nothing that makes me want to jump in and drive it.  I’m already looking at what will replace it, I don’t think it’ll be another Ateca.

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    We picked our Mitsubishi Outlander design PHEV approximately 8 months ago in June, the handover was professional and seamless, the aftercare has been 100% even now. At the time the AP £1699, it has since gone up to £2999, if I was going to lease again I would go for the higher specification Dynamic model.

    Been away on some long journeys and found the car very comfortable to drive, with no aches or pains at the end of the journey, the PHEV came standard with a load of extras which we do not use, however we love the electric heated seats plus we can pre heat the interior of the car using our iPhone APP so nice and toasty on the cold mornings.

    And hear is the best bit our motoring fuel cost are less than half compared to our previous Motability lease car very economical Ford Kuga 2.0 diesel Powershift, our average mpg for the year 66mpg.

    So yes we are very pleased with the Motability scheme, the dealership and the lease car.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Nice comments Phaedra, you make a good point, I think sometimes we get caught up in the toys and tech of a new car but they wear off quickly and you have to live with the car itself and if the car itself doesn’t do it for you where are you left? The car I ordered does have a lot of tech but that’s not what made me decide on the car. I think those of us with disabilities have a different hierachy of priorities when choosing a car. First and foremost we have to choose the car that works for our varied disabilities; I’d love a small 2 seater sports car, but the reality is I would never be able to get in or out of it!

    Also, like most serverely disabled I have had to medically retire, this means that money is a factor which it never used to be. I worked out that a Porsche Cayenne would be ideal; size of an SUV, speed of a porsche and lots of tech, but should I blow my pension and life savings on it? No of course not! One has to cut ones cloth accordingly.Hence, the current car!

    This brings me on to the whole motability/Daily Mail/disabled people getting free cars fiasco (and yes I know there are other threads for that). There are lots of cars in the £37,000 range on motability, so why cant the government say to car manufacturers, we will give you some form of tax relief if you all agree to be part of motability and offer your entire range, anything over say £35-37k the customer has the option to finance the difference? Then we can all spend as little or as much as we want and everyone can get the car that best suits their disability! I’m sure people will shoot me down with reasons but its just a thought. And anyone who ever says “you get a free car, don’t moan” is lightly to get stabbed with a pointy walking stick!

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    Folks the auto heating, I presume the car engine has to run, but like the keyless the car not move as the keys are not in it?

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    Excellent review Tony, mine still waiting for a ship, my garage has 5 others waiting with it! As said before I ordered December 3 the t3 inscription pro in glacier silver with blond interior and added intellisafe surround, hubby like the blis! Did think about the B4 engine but price had gone up.

    Needs a hoist fitted so it will delay it a little when it comes, would love pics and please keep writing about what you think of it, I’m on tenterhooks with anticipation for mine arriving, enjoy.

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    My current car is a KIA Carens and is not the one I wanted but a substitute for a VW Touran.
    Most important things for me in a car is auto gearbox plus the ability to load a fully assemble pavement scooter into the boot with a hoist and other toys are a bonus, sometimes?

    The KIA has been a worthy workhorse for my disability and almost matches the Touran in its abilities and this is namely the KIA Electronic Hand Brake and Auto Hold and its lacking usefulness against the VW version. First it never had an EHB in the first place even though told by the dealer a damn right lie it had and the auto hold holds for two seconds, on the other hand the Touran does have EHB and a auto-hold that holds for as long as you want it to.

    Apart from that disappointment I might have given the next generation of the Carens a butchers but they discontinued the model so that puts KIA right out of the running on my next order in July.

    With the toys as Tony mentioned, the KIA has a few but I’ve never looked upon them as toys per-say but more of an aide to my disable driving and something’s have been great and other I could do without for instance, heated seats while nice but now having sampled them I would not pay extra for them however the car came with heated steering wheel something I’ve always looked upon as a posh boys toy but this item has been a big surprise for me even though I drive with just one hand on a steering ball I can catch hold of the wheel on the straights and slight bends and warm my frozen hand nice and toasty while the heated seats being leather (something else I will not pay extra for now I’ve tried it) just makes my backside feel uncomfortable.

    One other item is the rear-view camera that I find very useful but as long as there’s a reversing aid like the VW versions I would not pay extra for that.

    One other tiny niggle I have is the KIA Carens seems to have its MPG system set to US Gallons and therefore giving a false reading of 33 MPG overall where in fact, using a highly accurate PC program of fuel bought and miles covered the car is actually doing 38 MPG.

    So thats my review of the KIA Carens that hasn’t missed a beat over 28 months but discontiued now so that has me returning to the VAG in October for sure.

    My wife and I will have a financial boost soon so more that likely be going for a VW Tiguan AllSpace in lieu of the Touran and although the Touran would suit me down to the ground it’s lighting system is getting a bit long in the tooth for my liking and like my 64 plate Golf the standard headlights are naff.

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    Good post and review you provided.

    in short I’m actually Looking to terminate the current contract on my MG HS auto

    I picked it up last July and was it fine & loved it

    but quickly I had issues with the performance, reliability and safety of the auto box performance – it’s been in the garage a few times with no proper resolution & lockdown has limited my use.

    Bottom line is I feel unsafe driving it now due to the hesitant & unpredictability of the auto (no I’ve drove other autos  over the years from friends and family & their autos performance were seamless.

    the was also a fiasco with software updates, nevermind a lack of clarity, communication and professionalism by MG U.K. , not one iota of CRM and really their U.K. office functions as a glorified import company.

    it’s unfortunate as it’s been so very very comfortable and great ergonomics making my disability pain levels and comfort stay on a the level.

    The tech laden ‘exclusive’ trim I have has almost everything you can think off but the powered tailgate and massive opening sunroof are amazing – it looks great and honestly has a premium feel.

    so it’s been painful and upsetting to look at early termination – still to be discussed in detail with Motsbility operations  & I may not be able to anyway due to financial constraints.

    I know lots of people who’ve had no issues but too many others who have like me, particularity with the auto box.

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    Clipped wings

    Tiguan Allspace SEL 1.5 tsi DSG. 5 weeks and still shy of 200 miles as clinically extremely vulnerable etc. Could cut and paste most of my thoughts of previous Touran SEL, but will stick to main differences.
    No chance to check out intelligent LED headlights function, but they’re  definitely brighter.
    KESSY and electric tailgate a boon for my limited mobility.
    Ergo seats excellent as is driving position.
    digital dash has some useful extra info.
    still prefer apple maps to updated VAG ones.
    auto wipers better calibrated

    ACS very good and might use it now

    lane keeping is new to me and the first tug came as a bit of a shock. Not suitable for B roads and traffic calming etc.  but just have to indicate to avoid a pot hole! Has to be disabled each journey. Handy on A roads.
    despite 19 inch wheels, ride is quiet and smooth. Very refined. Performance good enough for me. Coasting and cylinder deactivation imperceptible. Mpg so far high 30s. Can’t wait for some longer trips. My rollator fits in boot and have a hoist fitted as scooter next. My only extra, a heated steering wheel. Wonderful. No more gloves. Hope it returns Q2.

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    VW Tiguan Allspace Match 2.0 TDi Quattro DSG. (My daughters car)

    Previously had an Audi Q3 which we loved, so much so that we bought it!. Q3 was not on the scheme when we renewed so went for the Allspace. No real need for the Allspace, but at the time of ordering it was a much better deal than the standard Tiguan as we wanted a Quattro DSG.

    Very comfy car despite the Match not having Comfort seats. Miss LED headlights and would have liked a sunroof (too dear at the time). Done 53 mpg on a long run, 38 on local journeys, which is our main use. (4500 miles in almost a year)

    Love the DSG and the engine and the massive boot space/7 seats. Nice to have such flexible seating options! Love all the tech. which has taken a bit of adjusting to!

    I don’t drive it often generally just on longer runs and I think it’s great as does my wife who does the majority of the driving… Recommended.

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    My scheme car is a three-door Mini hatch Cooper S. Won’t bore you by restating things which I have already covered elsewhere (Mini Matters thread in Off Topic). My very first thoughts about the car were formed on the drive back from collecting it. Very first reaction, important one, was “go easy with right foot!” It can be deceptively prompt and you can exceed speed limits much quicker than you think. After that, I was concerned about the harshness of the ride; it moderates after 1,000 or so miles and you learn to live with it. The car I test drove was a five-door and the longer wheelbase seems to moderate the bumps. Then, of course, there is the handling which is just amazing: you point it and it goes where you want. No drama. I’d swear the computers have an AI which reads your mind and knows what you want. Overall impression of drive home was that I had strapped this machine to my back and it took me home. It has some drawbacks but, oh my, it makes you smile!

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    Tony Langford

    A little update. 250 miles in and although they are all local miles I’m a little concerned as averaging 23mpg! In my xc60 the same joutprneys would average  40mpg, let’s hope the car settles in and gets into the 30’s. Anyone else with a T3 have some figures to share?

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    Interesting figures, Tony, it was one of the cars I considered. There are a lot of unhappy drivers out there with disappointing MPG. The point many make though, is that if you can live with the MPG its a fantastic car. There is always a trade-off with choosing a car, but poor MPG is not always apparent given the difficulty with new models of establishing exactly what it is. A class action is needed somewhere to stop all manufacturers massaging the stats. In any system if rewards are linked to something that can be gamed, it will be gamed. When you seek to establish real MPG only data on older models is available, and when you are committing to 3 years you want the latest. I have ordered a new car but I am expecting the MPG in real life to bear little relationship to that advertised. I did not get a Volvo because I feared the MPG would be much worse than advertised and the seat issues which some have raised. As a percentage the figures are way down. I don’t mind a bit of disappointment but yours seems hugely wrong. Having said all that it still got rave reviews from those for whom MPG is not an important factor. Give us an update later on. During all the masses and masses of reading I do on every possible car I did find people who said it improved after a lot of driving, but not to what it should, but still a definite improvement as the engine loosened up.

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    Tony, I have had my xc40 T3 inscription since October and done 1100 mls. Currently averaging 38mpg from mostly short journeys (20 mls max) on A roads and around town. Strangely I get best mileage using dynamic settings and start stop off.

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