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      Just a reminder of what it cost for Politicians ,and others,to have the freedom to express opposing views , especially coming up to July 4th.

      ————The 6th of the 6th 1944
      Will go down in history for ever more
      Not just because of the letter D
      But because it brought freedom for you and for me

      Yes D Day was a memorable day when
      Thousands of soldiers, really just young men
      Landed on a foreign shore
      To bring that freedom to millions more

      Landing that day were 160000 men
      9000 of whom we’d never see again
      For us they gave their precious lives
      Many leaving behind kids and wives

      For them this was their ‘longest day ‘
      For their souls we really all should pray
      And to thank them for their sacrifice
      On this special day I think would be nice

      For without these brave and true young men
      None of us would be free to pen
      Our stories and each our little rhyme
      So on this day perhaps we can spare some time

      To remember them ?

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        At 11:ooam 2 mins silence?

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          Its a honour to remember them.

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