How often is your heating on ?

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    Menorca Mike

    Mines on 2 hours in morning 2 hours in evening ! I wear wool hat outside keeps me warmer

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    My boiler is only set for the hot water function, as for central heating never use it MMike, I burn logs to heat, and if we do feel chilly quick blast with a remote control fan heater at night..

    Suits us, guess not for everyone though..

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    Mine has been on since the end of September, except at night. Rather like with the car, I set the controls and leave it to it!

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    Really sunny here today, but cold, so using the electricity from the solar panels to power the electric fires. Now the solar panels have paid for themselves its free heat.

    Gas central heating on and off as required.

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    Now that’s a step in the right direction, solar panel heating, love it..

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    24Hrs a day, 365 days a year!

    Set on 20.5c only comes on when it needs to.  I’m in the house almost all day every day, my only regular time out is for about 3 hours on a Monday evening.

    Gas CH and the bills haven’t really been any different when I used to use a timer for it.

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