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    Hi folks

    I’ve just joined the forum and am thinking of getting a new motor on the mobility scheme, the wife finds it hard to keep warm especially when first starting off in car before it’s warmed up sufficiently for her ( to hot for me though) I would appreciate any and all suggestions on a new car with heated front seats I drive a Vauxhall Zafira at the moment which she loves for the hight and view it gives so something similar size would be lovely.  I’ve looked on the Mobility site which is quite good however trying to find out which ones have heated seats is quite hard going into dealer sites some say it’s standard some say it’s an extra so would it be better going up specs on mobility site or what I’m stuck to many choices……

    thanks to all who help,??

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    You will find the higher spec of the model might have heated front seats.

    I remember years ago the Hyundai ix35 mid spec used to come with front and rear heated seats.

    Would help what type of car you are looking for. If a suv then I know for certain that the seat ateca xcellence lux has electric front seats. Mind you the seats are leather which might be colder in the winter

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    Heated seats are getting more common these days, but once you’ve chosen a manufacturer then do you homework into what is standard equipment.
    Vauxhall do tend to have a lot of basic standard kit.
    So do all the mainstream manufacturers.

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    Seat Leon black edition has heated front seats

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    One thing to be aware of though is a lot of the models that have heated seats also only do it with leather, I am in such a car and once they have been on a few minutes they’re nice and warm(have to turn mine down quickly then off as they make you sweat like a pig) but until they warm up the seats are bloody freezing, I absolutely hate them, not once in decades of driving have I ever got into a car with cloth seats and thought about the seats being cold, it just doesn’t enter your mind(like sitting on your sofa 1st thing in the morning, you don’t even think about it because they instantly warm up through body heat transfer).

    There may be some cars with the option of heated non-leather seats but I think it’s a case of hitting google up for the info.

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    Hyndai Tucson Premium SE has heated seats (various settings), and if memory serves me right, the front seats are also ventilated and cooled. So if you each like different things that car will cater for both of you.

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    the new nissan juke has heated seats in the higher specs. i would imagine it will be on the scheme soon

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    Charles G

    The Hyundai Ioniq I am ordering next week has heated cloth seats but I think that is uncommon as most heated seats are leather as they get absolutely freezing in the winter! I have heated leather seats in my Yeti but after three years I am not sure I actually like them – they  are easy to keep looking good but I find them way to warm in the Summer and take a while to warm up in the winter.

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    Heated seats = sweaty bum!

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    My Toyota C-HR has superb comfy seats which are fabric. There was a leather option available when I ordered the car but I’m just not a fan of full leather seats so happily passed on the option. The C-HR has a plethora of extras – including heated seats which really warm your bum and (more importantly to me) your lower back. A godsend in Winter I can tell you!

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    Menorca Mike

    You can use the passenger seat to heat a takeaway I’m told

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    Every Volvo used to have them on notability. No longer.

    Even on high spec merc and bmw they want you to buy the “winter pack”. Which normally has a load of useless stuff bundled with heated seats for £300-£500.

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    Every Volvo used to have them on notability. No longer. Even on high spec merc and bmw they want you to buy the “winter pack”. Which normally has a load of useless stuff bundled with heated seats for £300-£500.

    Indeed. That’s why I drive a Japanese car. Like most cars from the Far East, they tend to include a whole host of extra kit which is included in the price of the vehicle. I remember cars when I first started driving 40-odd years ago. British & European cars were always miserly on extras. The likes of Datsun, Toyota, Honda etc used to throw in such luxuries as a radio and were the first to include electric windows on lower-spec models.

    Fast forward to today and the likes of MINI (for example) ; if you want heated seats – you can only have them as part of what they laughingly call a ‘Comfort Pack’ (does that mean the car is uncomfortable without it???)… at a cost of £900.


    I would rather freeze my ass off thanks Mini.

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    I remember those days too solent60 when the difference between a UK Ford Anglia L and LX was a temperature gauge and an ash tray. ?

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    Might be a bit off topic but you can get after market heat pads which plug into the 12v / cigarette lighter socket – seen these (https://www.aldi.co.uk/auto-xs-black-heatable-car-seat-pads/p/096844226927400) in our local aldi for example.  No idea how well they work but at a tenner its cheaper than an option pack and will fit most cars.

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    Hi thanks to all reply’s so far and TJ I might just get them for my Zafira and use them now thanks for heads up about them Aldi always come up with some off the wall stuff

    thanks guys

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    Have a look at the Tucson not only do they have Individual heated front and rear seats (on some models) but also have Dual temperature controls, you can have the drivers side on cool and passengers side on hot etc the higher models have cool function on the seats too. I would recommend the Premium or Premium SE if budget allows,

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    Thanks I got them from Aldi she’s loving the heat I can now take my time on all these options for a new motor



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    In my experiance its sometimes more cost effective to go for a trim level that has the options you want as standard.

    Just need to do your homework or have a good honest sales person.

    Of all the car brands I’ve had with heated seats, the quickest at heating up have been BMW’s if that is any use to you

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    A lot depends on your needs and budget – I’ve just ordered a Tiguan R-Line from Lookers in Newcastle, and that has heated cloth seats (so best of both worlds in my opinion) and a pretty high driving position, along with a boatload of other toys, but it’s the wrong side of 2 grand advance payment. If you give us more info on what you’re looking for and what you do or don’t want to spend, you’ll get a load more specific advice – the guys in here are pretty sharp and a lot of us have already done a lot of the homework looking at different cars and trim levels etc…

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    Having driven a Seat Alhambra Xcellence for a few months now, not so different in size from your Vauxhall, I have to say that I am an absolute fan of it, including the heated seats. It also has a lot of other plusses like powered sliding rear doors and tailgate.

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    Once again thanks for all help given I think we could go up to 3k to get better specs on the motor , nice high seats so she can see what’s going on around her as we drive, we’ve no allegiance to any maker , petrol, diesel, or hybrid of both however unpluggable as we’ve no where to plug in near us . Manual gear box any/all wheel drive . ?any with Dash cams as standard . We have plenty of time to look around at what’s on offer no desperate rush so all recommendations will be gratefully looked over , were in Scotland so if any local cash back offers etc come up please let us know

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    maybe too small but i was quite impressed with the new nissan juke 0 ap and the tekna has heated seats.

    also the quashqai or whatever its called i found it very comfortable but a bit big for me.

    i hadnt considered either before but i need a higher seat now so i went to the launch of the new juke at a local dealer and got the time wrong so was there early so had a good mooch around. quite impressed given they’re at the cheaper end of the scheme. likewise the suzuki’s.

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    Menorca Mike

    Mitch is the new juke nice and high to get in ? It looks nice in silver

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    yes and you dont clunk your head on the roof either when your getting in and out.some ive found have quite a sill if you know what i mean and you have to duck your head down getting out. but the juke is ok.

    if you like your tech the tekna and tekna+ have full phone connectivity and google voice recognition and control for the phone and sat nav etc. not my cup of tea but very impressive. the tekna + isnt on the scheme yet but the tekna came on on sat. even the lesser specs arent bad.

    the colour choice is good as well.


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    Menorca Mike

    The great Mitch my dealer Sandicliffe in Loughborough is just 5 miles away

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