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    I am considering buying my Audi Q3 at the end of its lease to keep as a second car and ordering a new Motability vehicle. Do I still get the good condition payment even if I don’t return the Q3?

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    Yes they claim to take it off the total. Familiarise yourself with used prices for like for like cars as you may be surprised by the offer they give. You can request a price 3 months before lease end to enable options then a revised price at the end off you lease. There are a few options available to you to consider so getting an early price and having used car prices to hand are beneficial.

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    Thanks, I have the price and am happy with it.

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    Dave h

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>3 yrs ago they sent me a cheque when I bought my car off them</p>

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    Dave h

    How much are they asking brian?

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    One option that many over look but is possible and may be worth a concideration..

    Many believe if the scheme member doesn’t opt to purchase the vehicle is sold at Auction. In fact Auction is the last option and for the most part most are purchased before hand,  order of resale: customer/supplying dealership/back office trade dealers/Auction.

    my point being in some cases its possible to approach the supplying dealership who can purchse the car a lot cheaper than the customer have them service it and check it over and even add warranty if necessary and sell it back to the customer for less than purchase price given by Motability.

    The Dealership makes money, the customer saves money and still ends up with their Car. Motability incur no costs moving the vehicle around the country and paying handling payments. Having the conversation with the dealership could prove prudent.

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    When you say “they claim to take it off the total” is the amount listed or just shows the lump sum of the car and therefore have to take their word for it.

    My situation maybe different from usual because when I lost higher rate in the change to PIP temporally, I bought my car but no GCB was showing on the offer price but having a look back at the letter Motability sent me they said my DLA payments from the DWP would stop on the 21st November and my 3 year term finished on the 27th November.

    Either the GCB does not show on the offer price or I was done out of a GCB simply because of the 6 days between the two dates noted above.

    Water under the bridge now but going by what Dave h said, you get a cheque in the post and not deducted from the offer price so looks like I was robbed.

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    I’ve heard of both happening, we were given a price (way to high) when I ask about GCB was told it would either be taken off the purchase or sent via check within 28 days. To be eligible for the GCB your lease has to run full term, thier are different rules and offers available because of losing pip/etc in some cases a transition period is offered and in some cases a £2000 handshake,

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    Having had a look on autotrader etc. the Motability price is around £1000 to £1500 less than dealerships are looking for.

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    That’s good then, realistically what it should be. ours was around £300 more than A1 forecourt prices. It’s a shame they penalise us for low mileage and as the AP is set on depreciation etc that they don’t give a purchase price at the start of the lease as the profit has already been aloud for in line with other private lease companies.

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    Yes JS, I think the price is fair but not exceptional. I would normally haggle with the dealer. The big advantage is that I know exactly what I am getting having ran the car from new.

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    Dave h

    Having spoke to motability yesterday on purchasing car after gcb is sent in cheque you can get a price for your car 14 weeks before your lease ends gcb is taken off price of car if as someone said you lose pip and want to purchase car

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