Gonna lose my point free licence lol

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    Avatar photoColin

      Not as bad as the title seems but I had my first ever drive in an electric car today.

      Along with my son, I own a car paint supply company, and next door is one of the biggest independent bodyshops in the area (also our biggest customer). Occasionally they ask our help in picking up or returning cars and today I took an electric Kia Nero back.

      It was oddly both too quiet (obviously no engine noise),  and a bit noisy (you really notice the wind and road noise without the drone of the engine).

      It also made me think my current point free licence is on borrowed time. It felt exactly the same when it was doing 30 as when it crept up to 75 on the motorway. The enyaq I currently have on order is 100 bhp more than that kia so unless I use cruise control constantly….. I may be in trouble lol

      I know, I know. “You’ll get used to it” but it was still very much a surprise how different it was

      "Man is born in freedom, but he soon becomes a slave, in cages of convention, from the cradle, to the grave."

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      David M

        Get Waze on your phone and run it through the car. It bings when you go over the speed limit and also tells you where the speed cameras are.


          The Enyaq will let you know when you’re pushing it too far.

          Yes, you’ll adapt, get used to the lack of engine noise and the instant torque based acceleration.  You’ll be fine, at least your licence won’t be picking up a Welsh accent too soon.

          I'm Autistic, if I say something you find offensive, please let me know, I can guarantee it was unintentional.
          I'll try to give my honest opinion but am always open to learning.


          Avatar photoFalcon1

            I lost my point free career last year and now have 3 for speeding. Since getting the enyaq though, its much more powerful but I drive slower because I have the dynamic cruise control that keeps me in lane and at a safe distance from the car in front PLUS it reads speed signs and if the car in front speeds, I won’t follow at their pace, it’ll be at the pace of the speed limit. I feel more confident that I won’t overlook another speed sign now- which is what I did last year.

            2024 Skoda Enyaq estate- 85x Sportline plus in Race Blue. Extras: Supernova 21 inch wheels, Maxx Pack, Transport Pack, Heat Pump and Pano Sunroof.
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              at least your licence won’t be picking up a Welsh accent too soon.

              Talking about Welsh accent, its going to cost a further £5bn to revert many roads back to 30mph, ontop of the £9bn it cost to to implement the 20mph limit 🤔🤣

              A more consertive approach to 20mph is likely to be implementated, such as near schools etc.

              You couldn’t make the sh!t up!


                Glad you wasn’t put off then @Colin!

                The quietness of BEV’s is quite something isn’t it? Enjoy the Enyaq when you get it, I’m confident you will.

                VW ID3 Max is my DD

                Avatar photoColin

                  Nah, not put off by that – I suppose its the dual benefit of a clean licence now along with the fact that insurance isn’t my problem lol

                  I use the adaptive CC on my tiguan all the time anyway, but I believe the Skoda system has the controls on the opposite side of the steering wheel – not something I think will be a problem

                  "Man is born in freedom, but he soon becomes a slave, in cages of convention, from the cradle, to the grave."


                    I had the Ioniq 6 326bhp on a test drive it was stupidly fast!!



                      It’s a much more pleasant driving experience tbh. As for speeding well nearly all EVs have road traffic sign recognition all you need to do is activate it and hey no speeding worries.

                      The difference between fuel and EV is amazing if you suffer from painful hands

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