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    Billy jo

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi do you guys think the gtd golf will be in the scheme for long as not due to choose new car till around Sept for new car in march if that is correct ??</p>

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    I just picked up the t-roc sel dsg,great car very happy easy to get in and out of. getting 39 mpg on the 1496 petrol engine , ordered 6 jan in dealers 25 march 499.00 deposit brilliant car

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    Glad you like it, I think they look very smart. Can we see some photos?

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    Sounds great, @Appleman. Glad you are pleased with it. I would go for the SEL 2.0L to get the 4×4 system. Much nicer road-holding and handling. Only thing which worries me is whether the suspension is pliant enough to give a Golf-like comfy ride. I see it as a (slightly) taller, fatter Golf and know that because of that it might get a bit bumpy. How have you found it?

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    A little firmer on the 18 inch wheels,and not much roll as the suspension seems to work well had a golf gt before so that was a firmer ride anyway,as they have larger wheels and 10mm lower suspension so i dont notice any change,but due to my ageing years find the t-roc much easier to get in and out of, i am not very tall but this is not as high as some suv vehicles can be, and seats easy reachable,some seem a wide sill and make access a long reach

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    Thanks, Appleman. My test drive is next week but I’ve had a look at a static car in dealers’ and was really surprised at how easy (and painless!) it was to get in and out. Another thing pushing me towards the T-ROC. Most unlike the only SUV I’ve had, Vauxhall Antara. That was nightmare, like climbing Everest.

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    Let me know how it goes Tharg, check the height of the tailgate,I had the electric tailgate fitted as it is high opened and also heavy as well made,much easier open /closed by motors

    Also ask to see pure white with black roof if possible,looks good.Black roof and Electric tailgate extra I am afraid. £440.00 black roof.  £345.00 electric tailgate , take care enjoy your drive

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    Cheers, Appleman. Not sure which extras I’ll go for yet. If I choose the T-ROC, I’ll go for the 2.0L petrol 4×4 because the AP is so attractive. Will have to add the adjustable suspension to make sure of a smooth ride. The engine, gearbox and suspension system is almost identical to the Superb I had before my Mini and the combination was brilliant. With 4×4 it should be even better.

    Still tempted by the GTD but the AP is a whole lot more and the wait-time is over twice the 12-week time for the T-ROC. More next week when I’ve driven both.

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    Hey guys ordered the gtd 2 months ago, on the scheme. So anyone else hear anything in regards to the wait etc thanks

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    Glos Guy

    Hey guys ordered the gtd 2 months ago, on the scheme. So anyone else hear anything in regards to the wait etc thanks

    Jonathan – Have you been given an order tracking number by your dealer? If so, you should be able to input it on the VW website and it will give you some indication (albeit provisional) of your lead time. If you haven’t been given a tracking number then I’d contact your dealer urgently, as it could mean that your car hasn’t actually been ordered yet and the dealer is waiting for build slot allocations. Given that the car has been removed from the scheme this would obviously be a worry.

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    Jonathan, ordered mine early May iv’e had the order number for a few weeks but on the tracking system it’s just showing as a invalid number, apparently nothing will show on the system until you have been given a definate build week, i called VW last week and they said i’m looking at build week 41 so probably November before i get it.

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    well my gtd has gone from build week 32 to 36 now 38 sad times

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