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    Does anyone know how much fuel is required in the car when we hand the car back to the dealer?

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    Enough to get it back there, I’d have thought!

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>As above</p>
    As little as possible because most dealers only give enough to get to the nearest pump

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    Your right there lol thank you guys

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    Hi, There is no statuary requirements as regards the ammount of fuel in the car that you hand into the dealers.

    You and you only own any fuel left in the car so it is at you descetion as to what ammount you leave in the car.

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    think my dealer gave me about a quarter tank

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    Not sure about how much is needed to return your car, but when I picked up my first car Honda gave me a full tank, second time Nissan gave me a push!.

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    Glos Guy

    We pick up our new car tomorrow and I have failed abysmally. I will be handing it back with about £25 of diesel left in it. We had planned on going to a few places this week, but due to the excessive temperatures (it’s been 31 degrees here for the past 3 days) my wife hasn’t wanted to venture out (heat saps her energy levels).

    I would like to think that my friendly BMW dealer will provide our new X1 with a full tank, by way of apology for the fact that the Harman/Kardon system had to be cancelled from the order (to be fair, a BMW, not dealer issue) but, in reality, if I get a quarter of a tank I think I will have done well. Shouldn’t grumble I guess given that they’ve given me nearly £800 discount off the AP and options!

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    @Glos Guy to be honest BMW have been the only dealer to ever do handover with a decent amount of fuel (3/4 tank),Halliwell Jones  Chester

    "the world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams-its heaven and hell "(RJD)
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    Glos Guy

    @Glos Guy to be honest BMW have been the only dealer to ever do handover with a decent amount of fuel (3/4 tank),Halliwell Jones Chester

    It’s the same dealer that I bought my private 5 Series from and I’m pretty sure that they only supplied that with around a quarter of a tank, but I shall live in hope! Thankfully, the cheapest petrol station in the area is near the dealers, so I shall make it my first stop (assuming that I need to).

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    I had to give Arnold Clark £20 along with AP for fuel at handover. Was last vehicle I’ll purchase from them.

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    When we ordered our Suzuki swift a month  ago they will put £20 of fuel

    in which is nice of them and when we handover in September i will leave them a quarter of a tank


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    I think £20 should be minimum on every car unless it’s a zapper ⚡️ obviously

    picking up a car can run over time, resulting in lateness further on in the day due to refuel.

    appointments, school/nursery run, daycare etc.

    Just shove it in, stop penny pinching, blighting the day which people have waited months for..🤗

    The guy who sorted my car, he was going on like it was impossible to do🤔, ended up with me saying if I haven’t got fuel in the car I’ll be leaving it there😳, all turned to smiles and it was sorted, however he tried giving me the lean back in the seat heels dig in attitude 🙄

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    When I collected my new Mercedes B Class from Marshalls in Blackpool back in April they had put half a tank full in that morning. The final act to a very smooth process from start to finish. I should add the car is great and I’m still discovering new features. Probably have it all worked out by the time I hand it back!

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    There should only be vapour in the tank, not much more.

    A few months ago we suffered a catastrophic fuel leak, losing 50+ litres literally in seconds, the car was completely drained

    When the dealer called to say the car has been repaired I asked if they’d put any fuel in it, and the dealer replied yes

    When I picked it up, they’d literally put a litre of diesel in it. I set off for the nearest station and the range clicked to zero before I even got there, engine was still running as I pulled up though.

    No matter how friendly the dealer seems, you do not owe them anything. Don’t stick more fuel in than necessary, they won’t thank you for doing it or think badly of you if you don’t. There’s no etiquette to observe, as long as they can get the car on to a transporter to ship to British Car Auctions (or wherever Motability vehicles go to die) then they do not care.

    The only people who would benefit are the owners of the petrol station and maybe the next recipient of the vehicle.

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    @Robert, really? I pretty much don’t care how much petrol / diesel is in the car when I collect it as the very first thing I do is brim it anyway, as long as I’ve got enough to pull away from the forecourt. Its a nice goodwill gesture if they give a tank of fuel, no big deal if they don’t.

    But adding a £20 “surcharge” for fuel is something I’ve never, ever encountered – for context, many members of my family and my wife’s family have worked or still work in vehicle repairs or sales, and this is the first I’ve ever heard of a customer getting charged for what amounts to a quarter tank of petrol / diesel.

    I’d like to know if that is an Arnold Clark policy or just the individual salesman trying to wangle an extra few celebratory whisky chasers whilst basking in his guile.

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    @Glos Guy to be honest BMW have been the only dealer to ever do handover with a decent amount of fuel (3/4 tank),Halliwell Jones Chester

    The same with my BMW dealer Rybrook Shrewsbury. 3/4tank.

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    Snap! Glos Guy, we hand over next Friday, still just under half a tank left (290 miles) in the S-Max. Went to put a 1/4 tank in last week and the wife said to put more in as she wanted to visit a few places, so I bunged in £35 worth. Needless to say she then changed her mind.

    Ah well, I could do with doing a clear-out trip or two to the dump (35 mile round trip) while I have the cavernous boot & going food shopping will drink another 30 miles & its 16 miles to the dealer…hmmm, not too bad after all.

    The dealer said they would fully charge the Soul for collection, so that’s around 250 miles, nothing lost really.


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    when I booked my Audi I got £50 added to AP for fuel, will have to check they give me a full tank when I collect!

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    I remember negotiating a full tank of fuel when we ordered our S-Max, we also got a bunch of flowers and our photo in the local rag as we were their 10,000th customer.

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    Yes it’s great getting flowers, wmcforum sent some out to me when I discovered the forum 🤣

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    The obvious solution here is to ensure you’re the 10,000th customer.

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    Glos Guy

    Perhaps it was because of the massive discount that I negotiated, but my BMW dealer wasn’t quite so generous with the petrol as some others! There was enough to give a range of 100 miles, which made me feel better about handing our old one back with a range of 160 miles!

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    I got charged £20 on day of collection for fuel also, which I was not expecting. So it was lucky I had my wallet on me.

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    Yes Adrian I am on my 6th vehicle al from different dealers and Arnold Clark are the only ones to have charged me for fuel to drive off with vehicle.

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    I guess it all depends on the Motability Specialist you are dealing with, The relationship ( if any ) you build up with them and then parameters of their particular branch that they can work within

    Im sure most would love to give us all a full tank of fuel etc , but they’d soon get into hot water and be their collar felt

    That being said I got a full tank of Diesel and some other goodies to take away with and that was on top of a fantastic deal I got  AP & Options wise

    I did buy him a cleaning kit for his mountain bike, some candle wax melts for his mrs and a toy for his young kid and some of Scotlands finest snacks lol which combined cost about 85 beans

    It’s nice to be nice and I was very appreciative of the deal and service I got from my Agent 👌🏻

    I did travel from Glasgow to Hull ( and back )

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