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    Today I charged up to 95% and went for a drive clockwise around the M25 with the cruise set to the speed limit (70, 60, 50mph depending on roadworks etc.).

    118 Miles, 3.6m/kW, average speed 61 mph.

    Arrived back at Cobham with 20% charge left so took it up to around 75% & came home.

    I’ve always wanted to try the lap of the M25 but it always seemed a waste of money, so, thankyou Ionity for the free vend, I’ve wasted your money instead.


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    Ranty man who drives a Diesel

    Well done Gothitjulie

    I bet that was fun driving around the M25 how long did it take and what was your favourite lane?

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    Well done Gothitjulie I bet that was fun driving around the M25 how long did it take and what was your favourite lane?


    Oh, hello again TROLL, stalking women on the forum? so sad, hope you expire

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    Ranty man who drives a Diesel

    I’m sorry you feel that way Gothitjulie. I was only enquiring about your environmental drive around the m25 was their a reason or was it just to have fun

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    Ranty man who drives a Diesel

    which way round did you go because anticlockwise you go through a big tunnel at the Dartford crossing and clockwise you go over a big bridge both are very exciting.

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    She went clockwise idiot

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    John Newton

    I remember Clarkson doing the same in a diesel VW Lupo I think he got around 70mpg. Julie I’d do exactly what you did just for the hell of it

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    This is really about the M25 challenge & how much of the battery’s charge it uses to go around, it’s the test done by Sunday Times Driving in a Renault Zoe with a 40kW battery – Renault Zoe M25 Motorway Challenge: will electric car complete a lap? – 16:47 minute mark –

    In the original, the temperature was lower (3-6%), the weather was windier, but the average speed was a lot less too (45.8mph). Energy consumed in the Zoe was 35kWh, in the e2008 it was just under 33kWh.

    What I’m showing is that since that Zoe test the cars have improved in range to a point where I’d be a little more confident in trying that challenge. It’s usually possible to bail out at M25 J8 Wray Lane CYC 50kW rapid charger if you’re running out of juice (access is compromised due to Reigate Hill southbound A217 closure at the moment until mid December). Free Vend (free electricity) is just a nice incentive to try some of these tests, & I’ll expect a full West Yorkshire “Tour de Charger” from someone using all those lovely free vend chargers in all those towns until October 2021. (SpeakEV’s “Engie rapid chargers in West Yorkshire which are Free to use until October 2021” thread).

    The other thought is just how much do you miss going for a ride out in the car because the cost of fossil fuel means you conserve it for only necessary journeys? For me that was putting me off driving the 30 miles to the coast to wander around a seaside town in the wheelchair, and my home town is a bit too hilly for a wander, I know COVID is putting a dampener on the wander round a town trips but at least I’m not worrying about the expense to get there. Those of us on the Scheme with electric cars are no longer seeing the 5000 miles we can afford in fossil fuels as the limiting factor for doing anything.




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