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    Hi all,

    Has anyone got or ordered the new Ford Kuga? If yes what’s it like? It’s one or the only large SUV which is automatic and suitable for under 25s.

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    I made enquiries at my local Ford dealership and booked a test drive. One of the sales people called me back to ask if I was aware of the delays in ordering the Kuga and said they were looking into the middle of next year.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t wait that long so I looked elsewhere.

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    FiestaRed, it may be worth asking another Ford dealer to confirm what the salesman told you. I’m not suggesting he’s wrong, but given the long lead times on many cars due to chip shortages, there is an incentive for dealers to sell what cars they can get to those who give them the most profit, and that’s not Motability.

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    I made a few enquiries and most dealerships said October/November

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    I actually booked a test drive in a hybrid version.  Dealer rang while I was on my way to the showroom to say that they couldn’t either of their demonstrators running and that Ford would not be repairing them until they actually sold.

    As I was almost at the showroom I did go to just look, they could only manage to open the Drivers Door, nothing else.  The car was a dirty Titanium model and the salesman was less then enthusiastic about showing me round it.


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    I think that would have put me off, two cars, both broken-down.

    Maybe the chips fell out.😀

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    I’m glad I don’t have to rely on Ford dealers. Are they all this bad?

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    How are they going to sell non running vehicles?

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    Glos Guy

    We looked at the Kuga about 6 weeks ago. The sales manager said that the chip shortage was affecting Ford very badly but not all dealers were being up front about it (same story with other dealers, not just Ford, I fear). He anticipated December delivery earliest but likely next year. The car is spacious but technology seemed a tad dated and the interior was a bit low rent, but it was a Titanium.

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    Glos Guy

    I’m glad I don’t have to rely on Ford dealers. Are they all this bad?

    No. I use a local one for my daughters Focus and they are excellent. Good and bad dealers with all brands. From our recent experiences of going to lots of them, the worst by far was Volvo, yet your Volvo dealer has been excellent.

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    The Ford dealer in Darlington isnt great.  Ok with organising a sale, but repairs are horrible.

    Parking sensor fault, they have it all day, I get it back and apparently they couldnt replicate the fault, but I could as soon as tried to reverse out of their parking bay!

    They also couldnt replicate my overheating issue (19 days so far theyve had it) I told them when I handed the keys over that they would need to drive for about 10 miles to get the issue to show.

    I wont be going back to them again.

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    Has anyone actually ordered one or has one?

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    I have ordered a kuga was told late August to early September it was ordered middle of may. But not spoken to salesman. Been unwell for last 5 weeks so not really bothered at moment. I needed a big car for my daughter to drive because she is under 25. I think it’s the best car on mobility to meet my needs at the moment with a under 25. It’s the st line x edition 1.5 auto

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    The Imps

    How about this:

    Ordered new Kuga PHEV on 12th April. The local Ford Motability agent, after making extensive enquiries, informed me that the particular model and colour that I wanted was not in stock anywhere in the country and that subsequently a new order was not likley to arrive until September at the earliest. Being keen on the Kuga I nonetheless placed my order and extended the lease on my existing motability car (3008) . Then out of the blue I received a phone call from the Ford agent on 24th June informing me that my new Kuga had just been delivered. The very helpful Ford Motability agent was as surprised as I was that the car had arrived so quickly. I’m absolutely thrilled with the Kuga.

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    @Gareth987 – it’s the same scenario with me. I’m looking at the ST Line X as it has a lot kit.  The dealer has quoted delivery for October/November. Have you had an update yet?


    @The Imps – that’s excellent news! Was it a factory order? Which dealership did you go to?

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    Stuart Phillips

    I went to ford today as I was interested in the kuga fhev st line x the motability lady just didn’t want to deal with me I would ask a questing she couldn’t be bothered said ford factory is going to stop making new cars for 4 months so talking 11 months plus I understand there are issues at the moment but the way I was dealt with today was upsetting and annoying


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    Stuart, you are right to be upset and annoyed. I suggest you complain to the Dealer Principal, complain to Motability. And go to another dealer.

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    @Gary, we’re about to hand our Kuga back in 8 days to pick up our new car. We’ve covered 100k miles, and the car has suffered a number of warranty covered repairs, it’s been an appalling car for reliability.

    One of the things that still hasn’t been fixed, to this day, is the parking sensors. It’s had 9 services and been in  4 times for repairs, and every time I’ve said the front parking sensors don’t work, and 13 times out of 13 they’ve said there isn’t an issue.

    Luckily it’s only the one sensor, I’m confident and capable enough not to actually need it. It was more of an annoyance than anything, and because it was so minor, kicking up a major fuss would have inconvenienced me more than pursuing it,

    However, it has put me off getting another Ford which is a pity because despite being a crude old bus, I actually enjoyed driving the Kuga

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    Update on my order for a kuga was told end of August beginning of September. Not anymore lol they don’t know when now.

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