First puncture, first car..

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    So first motabillity car for me, also first experience with a puncture and Kwik fit repair.

    Must say great service, I noticed a screw in the tyre so pumped it up just to make sure pressure was safe to drive the 2 /3 mile drive to Kwik fit, they sorted it in 20 mins, no need for me to do anything, love it great stuff easy, pleasant, problem solved.


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    Was it a repair or new tyre?

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    A repair I think, the screw was in the middle of the tyre, looked the same tyre to me..

    I just think it’s great no paper work or hassle for us leasing..

    Turn up sorted, even can phone up and have someone out if needed.


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    They will come to your home and sort it all out for you,better than going to depot,everything on their van to fix it,quick phone call and with you very quick,much easier than you having to put on a spare .

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    You can also go to STS Tyres Pros if you have no kwik fit nearby. Our local STS has been brilliant for me on our non motability car.

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    Did you have to call Kwik Fit to  book an appointment to go to their local depot or just turn up without an appointment.

    I have a nail in 2 tyres on the tread that have been there a few months, no sign of any loss of pressure but as the tyre wears there may be a problem. My new car comes in July if it’s on time but we may need to cover a few miles between now and then.


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    @kbfern Good Morning, I just turned up as they advertised outside, however if busy you may have to wait.

    I was lucky straight in

    In your case if the tyres are staying inflated I would book in advance to avoid any waiting around.

    It really is as simple as turn up, give your name they do everything, all paper work, the  puncture or new tyres then just hand the car back to you..

    Great service IMO…👍


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    @kbfern Oh I forgot you can also phone and get a home visit, they come to you, just make sure you won’t need the car during the appointed time..

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    Thanks for the info ajn👍

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    Glad to have helped with the info and experience @kbfern, however as for advice I think it’s best to get those nails out of the tyres, you seem to have been lucky so far with them staying inflated and not going flat..

    These sort of problems always happen when you really don’t neeed them👍👍

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