First New Car Pickup

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    Jay N

    Picked up the first Motability car for the wife – who I will be personal chauffeur for.

    Vauxhall Mokka 1.2 Elite Nav Premium-
    Given we needed something ASAP that she was comfortable getting in and out of, and with a limited scope of dealerships in our area, we are really pretty happy.

    handover was good – Chap was kind enough, flowers for the wife which was a lovely thought.

    just wanted to say thanks for the help I’ve had on here recently, massively appreciated.

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    Jay N

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    Great car, when we were waiting for our car to come through, we hired one of these, nippy, comfortable Mrs Ajn loved it.

    Well done Jay looks great black too, enjoy the car..

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    Seen a few of the new Mokkas on the road, really smart looking cars. Massive improvement on the old model.

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    Looks good-enjoy

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    Great looking car. Hows it drive?

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    That looks amazing, definitely the best colour. Enjoy your new car.

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    Glos Guy

    Congratulations! Looks very smart in black and those wheels look quite funky too! Hope that you enjoy washing cars 😂 I haven’t clocked the new model on the roads but, as Mike says, that looks like a massive improvement on the old model. I had one of the old models for a couple of days a few years ago and I’d best not say what I thought of it, but that looks like an all new car and I’m sure that it’s a vast improvement. All that matters is that you and your wife are happy with it and it’s great that you could get it quickly and that your first impressions of Motability have been positive. Happy motoring!

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    Congratulations. Enjoy your new car.

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    Jay N

    Thanks all.

    This new Mokka is definitely more of a new car than an upgraded model.

    I’ve not driven in about 5 years prior to this, so my frame of reference is a little jagged but this thing essentially drives itself, what with all the safety features, parking camera, sensors and such. It’s very comfortable for my wife and although trying to figure out all the functions and features has been a bit of a trial I’m really enjoying it.

    I have unfortunately already experienced a confrontation where someone accused me and the wife of parking in a disabled spot – My wife’s issues, though mostly physical, are not simply physical and sometimes she needs a wheelchair, sometimes it’s a stick. Sometimes the stick is me.

    She had a doctors appointment, exactly why we got the car and such – Didn’t take her stick but used me instead. Apparently people still assume that people are fully able bodied (even so disabled people can be fully able bodied, but let’s not get into that) if there’s no stick or wheelchair, and don’t need any support apparently.

    unfortunately I did react quite badly, I angrily waved the blue badge at the guy and swore quite a bit. We’ve had such a bad few years and this was our first time using the car for intended purposes, and we were met with sneering and accusations which really got to me.

    wife now feels she has to take the stick(s) or chair even if she wants to try without that day, just to stop it from happening.


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    Take No notice my wife the same and people can be so rude take it with a pinch of salt and walk away. It’s not worth upsetting yourself over it

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    Glos Guy

    Take No notice my wife the same and people can be so rude take it with a pinch of salt and walk away. It’s not worth upsetting yourself over it

    I agree. It’s happened to us a few times as well. We have had daggers looks from old folk who have obtained blue badges simply through the issues that come to most people through old age. Their condescending looks and eye rolling turns to sheer awkwardness as I get my wife’s wheelchair out of the boot. I have to say that this issue is going to get an awful lot worse with the expansion of the blue badge scheme, which won’t be accompanied by an equal expansion in the number of disabled spaces. When those who need to bring a wheelchair or scooter alongside the car, which necessitates the wider spaces, can’t get one because the space is taken by someone who has anxiety or similar, it’s going to cause a lot of frustration.

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    John morris

    Unfortunately that’s the way of the world these days.  Too much interference without the knowledge to back it up. We actually didn’t apply for a blue badge for my partner because she feels people will judge and she’s right, they do. I often have to drop her closer to our destination and go park up. Ignoring them is tough as well because living with a disability or caring for such person as I do is tough enough without ignorant people interfering. Sorry rant over.

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