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    I got my 1st motability car(Ford Puma) last week.

    The AP was £495 + £150 for the premium red paint because it was a stock car.

    Pre Q4 the AP would have been ONLY £200 so a price hike of nearly £300.

    The paperwork at the dealership took less than one hour to complete then the keys were handed to me and off i went.

    It did come as a surprise to me to notice that there were already 88 miles on the clock as i drove away from the dealership but reading through other posts here that doesn’t seem to be too unusual.

    6 days on i am for the most part pleased with my Ford Puma Titanium.

    My only real issue being that i am struggling to get to grips with much of the onboard techy stuff. So many menu’s then sub menu’s that lead into further menu’s etc. As things stand i am currently driving my car in sport mode with a heavy metal radio station playing continually from the radio when ideally i’d much prefer to be driving it in “slowly but surely” mode and listening to Heart FM. I am too scared to venture into the menu system again to try and alter settings – the manual may as well be written in Chinese because i can make head nor tail out of most of it sadly.

    No spare wheel and no punture repair kit either is another minor gripe. According to the manual a punture repair kit should either be in the boot – no its not. Or under the front passenger seat – again, no its not. Eventually i called the dealership and they told me “have you looked under the drivers seat? i replied ‘no’ because the manual told me to look in the boot or under the front passenger seat. To be fair as i’m typing this post i still haven’t looked under the drivers seat but i’m heading out to the supermarket later so i’ll take a peek then.

    Using my smart phone i’ve snapped a few pics of my new motability Ford Puma Titanium however figuring out how to upload said pics to this forum is sadly waaaaay too complex for me to work out how to do.

    Twoquick final points:

    1) My Ford Puma Titanium is supposedly the base model from the Puma range. Black plastic wheel arches, non sporty steering wheel, black plastic non colour coordinated bumbers etc. Nope! i have colour coordinated wheel arches & bumpers plus the sporty flat bottomed steering wheel.

    2) When i went to collect my car from the dealership last Friday the salesman somehow got the car to respond to a question. I have been talking to the car ever since in the forlorn hope that it will reply to me also — sadly the car hasn’t spoken a word to me yet.

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    72 dudes

    When you went into the showroom to choose the car, you would no doubt have spent a good while going through all the menus and controls

    Oh hang on, don’t tell me.  ….😁

    Is there anyone else in your extended family who could help you with this?

    If not, it’s a case of sitting on the drive and literally playing around with everything until it falls into place.

    Personally I love doing this but appreciate that many don’t.

    I hope you get to enjoy your Puma, a great choice. Even though Titanium is the entry level for Puma, there’s Zetec and Style below it in other Ford models, which explains why your Puma is well equipped.


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    If I was you Graeme I would go back to the dealer, explain your situation and ask if someone could go through the settings with you (socially distanced of course).

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    Hi @72dudes.

    Yup, you rumbled me fair and square there @72dudes lol because the very first time i saw my car was last friday afternoon. I arrived in a taxi at the dealership at 2.30pm, was met by the very nice ‘Ross’ who is the Guilford Ford motability go-to-guy. We sat down, completed the paperwork, i paid the AP, then we wandered outside to see my car. The keys were handed over to me and i drove off in it at approx 3.45pm.


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    Hi Elliot, your comment of course makes a lot of sense however trying to find my way back to the Ford dealership which is perhaps 25? miles away from me is too stressful for me to even consider. I’m a very slow and nervous-ish driver despite the fact that i passed my driving test 30 odd years ago. Its ok though because i do like my Puma in spite of my inability to understand most the menu sytems etc. But as 72dudes pointed out its just gonna be a case of sitting in the drivers seat and play around with the settings until i get a workable understanding of the basics.

    Btw, some good things about my Ford Puma Titanium that i forgot to include in my previous post:

    Automatic windscreen wipers – WOW!  i never even knew that there was such a thing!

    Automatic lights(including auto headlights) WOW! again, i never knew that existed either!

    display showing tyre pressures, miles to go before fuel is empty, and a display icon telling me when to change gear.

    Not so Good:

    Being short in height i have to have the drivers seat as far forward as possible which means i cannot use the very comfy looking arm rest – i’ve never had a car with an armrest before so that appealed to me.

    Overall i genuinely do like my Ford Puma furthermore i fully expect that i will grow to like it even more as time goes by.


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    do you have a spare teenage child/grandchild/nephew/neice? i find them quite useful setting up techy stuff lol

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    LOL @mitch!


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    HI Graeme

    The puncture repair kit should be in the empty hole where a spare wheel would normally sit, had they supplied one, under the boot floor, that’s where it was on my Seat Leon and assume other manufacturers do the same.

    The dealer is responsible for the tyre kits and should supply you with one even after using the one. If you ever use the kit the dealer will supply you with another one and if like me you can’t use one then the RAC or Kwik-Fit will do the business at the roadside for you if need be but make RAC the first call.

    Best keep a list of all the Motability phone numbers just in case with the like of RSA, RAC and Kwik-Kit, these numbers should be in your welcome pack along with a card to go in your wallet.

    I’m OK with car manuals but it does do my nut in reading the first 10 chapters of “do this”, don’t do that” and warning triangles after triangles, page after page then 200 pages in you find the information your looking for, if your lucky.😁

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    Hi @ChrisK, i’ve now looked under the drivers seat as recommended by Ford and no puncture repair kit there either sadly, therefore its probably just been an oversight by Ford not to include one in my car.

    A 50 miles round trip back to the dealership which will include venturing onto the M25 motorway just to pick up a punture repair kit is not something i fancy very much so probably easier for me to just buy a cheap one from Halfords.

    Great point about keeping all of the relevant tel numbers close by – thank you!

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    Do not buy a puncture repair kit they are useless, if you really want one phone the dealership and tell them to send you one by post or courier. If you get a puncture anywhere just phone the rac who will come and sort you out.

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    Will do @belfast 4

    Thank you.

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    If there’s supposed to be a repair kit then ask them to sent to to you – you’ve already paid for it.

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    I think you should have invested more time into researching cars before choosing one but now you got it then you should find out how things work before driving on the roads

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    I understand your frustration at working everything out as a new car can be daunting at times especially nowadays with all the techie stuff. However, as others have said, the best way is just sitting in the car with the owners manual open at the interior diagram page and identify every knob, button and switch until their function is second nature to you.

    If the Puma is set up like the Focus then you will have 3 drive modes – Normal, Eco and Sport, which in the Focus can be changed by pressing a button on the centre console. The Focus also reverts to Normal mode when the engine is switched off no matter if Eco or Sport had been chosen before.

    I’ll come back to this thread tomorrow and see if there is anything else I can help you with.

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    Graeme is their another Ford dealership any closer to home? You don’t have to use the one you got the car from.
    you could get Guildford to order your repair kit and have it sent to a nearer dealer at the same time as getting them to run through the main controls  again.

    lesson learned the next car you order they are supposed to let you look over the car and test everything before you give your PIN number etc. I spent a good half hour fiddling and asking the guy questions.

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    There are quite a few after market armrests that with a small mod can be quite useful. I know I fitted one for my wife acquired off ebay. Owners forums can often be a good source for mods.

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