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    As the title says really, I will be arranging the collection of my first motability car soon and would be very grateful for some advice on the process.

    Thankyou & enjoy your weekend!

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    Don’t put your pin signature in for acceptance until you have sat in your car and made sure it’s exactly what you ordered and it’s in perfect condition.

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    I found it easier to explain to the sales exec that you would like 15 minutes alone with the car. Tell them you’ll let them know when you’ve finished looking and get them to leave you alone.

    Take your time looking over paint, check the seats for any marks, scratches on the media display. It sounds a bit daft in a brand new vehicle but you’d be surprised just how many vehicles are not PDI’d properly! Ask your sales person to check the fluid levels before your drive off too, my oil and coolant were not topped up as the PDI would have them do, coolant was below minimum on a brand new car.

    Otherwise, enjoy it, but please, please take those 15 minutes you’ll be glad you did if you discover something later.

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    Forgot to mention alloy wheels. Sometimes the delivery driver scuffs them pre delivery and rather than the dealership refurbishing before final handoff they are ‘forgotten’ about. Just a brief check of the edges of the rim and a glance over the face of each should be enough.

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    Very good pointers, but they do give the impression there will be problems. Our 3 cars so far on the scheme were perfect on handover.  The 4th one is tomorrow!

    Make sure the dealer shows you how to open the fuel filler – it’s the first thing you’ll need.  Or, if electric, that you have the cables and know how to plug it in.

    Also, depends on the car what’s needed.  Tomorrow I will be asking my dealer to show me how to save driver profiles to keys, how to set up the P-sim and WiFi hotspot, and finish setting up the Volvo Cars app.

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    Thankyou very much thats made it easier for me, I will be sure to note all of this down and take it with me on the day! 🙂

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    Can’t really add much to the above apart from check for alloy key,which wasn’t present with my vehicle few years ago.

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    Wigwan,  exciting day for you tomorrow…enjoy your new car and weekend! Thankyou I hadnt even thought about a few of the things you mentioned so will be sure to note them down too. Im sure my collection day will be smooth, the dealer has been truly fantastic.

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    Like the rest of the comments. Check the car for everything and check its the spec you ordered before putting in your pin.

    Remember it’s your new car and enjoy the day.



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    Thankyou fastbike1000, am looking forward to it. Hopefully the weather improves for us all!

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    Thankyou fastbike1000, am looking forward to it. Hopefully the weather improves for us all!

    Nothing more annoying than a dirty wet road to muddy up your new vehicle ☺️, enjoy, same to @wigwam too

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    Serendipity, exactly and mines white! What will be, will be….but il hold out hope for some sunshine

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    Mark Holland

    Remember you are a customer collecting a brand new car it should be in a condition you may never see it in again that’s the point we sadly had an xtrail with 6 paint chips a 306 that had a dent centre bonnet with masking tape where it had been re sprayed and over the years 3 sets of paid for mats not there and in two cases never got them or refund. So be nice but check check and re check at least then if later you find something it was down to you and you can take it it on the chin. Enjoy your new car

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    Blimey Mark Holland, you had a bad few experiences with it…I will def be extra sure its exactly as ordered. Im glad you have responded as its always good to get the negatives too so thankyou 🙂

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    Good luck, Lou and Wigwam. Enjoy new cars, folks. Photos expected, naturally!

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    MR Mark Winter


    Check the all of the cars glass, once picked up a Vauxhall Zafira, had a general check all seemed well. Got the car home and found all the side glass both sides was scratched horizontally on the outside,  strangely all the door and body  paint work ether sides of the glass was perfect! Took the car straight back to the dealers.

    1: Response was, you have driven the car so I must have done it.

    I said do you think I have driven home in a new car and then scratched all the side window glass and at the same time not damage any paint work? All in the 20 minutes I had been away from the dealers.

    2: Response, don’t worry  we will clean the glass…….

    A few weeks later the car had all the side glass both sides replaced. It was put down as a production fault that no one from the factory or dealership  picked up.

    In my view the glass was damaged before it was fitted to the car.

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    June last year at the start of the first lockdown, due to Covid our handover consisted of here’s the keys your cars outside, no worries car was in perfect condition

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Thanks Tharg 🙂 Mr Mark Winter thats terrible, im glad they eventually resolved it for you but what a nightmare and faff.

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    In 1998, I picked up a Rover 216, wound the electric window down, arrived home, pushed the button to wind it back up, it did so OUTSIDE of the frame and promptly fell out, AHH, the good old days 😂

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    The good old days indeed. I once had cause to be in the Rover factory in Solihull and watched the rear window frames of Rover 2000s being beaten violently with a large rubber mallet to get the glass to fit.

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    In 2003 I picked up an Auto Fiesta.

    I mistakenly put it in reverse and almost put it through the showroom window.

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    The good old days indeed. I once had cause to be in the Rover factory in Solihull and watched the rear window frames of Rover 2000s being beaten violently with a large rubber mallet to get the glass to fit.

    Quote from the mechanic at the time, “all it needs is a little silicone spray ” 😂

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    Lol I had a similar experience with an auto (first time for myself too)….of course infront of some bustly builder men aswell just my luck, put it into drive or so i thought and released the handbrake but i just couldnt get it to move! Had to get some help in the end only to be told I had put it into neutral and the lack of a hill meant the car would simply stay stationary woops! And the builders did have a good laugh at my expense, then i kept releasing the accelerator to  use the non existent clutch and gear stick lol think the car must of looked more like a kangaroo!

    When i purchased my first private car an old rusty skoda felicia deemed for the scrap (owners were emigrating, car was not too bad)….the car had a good deep clean, found all sorts. Tried a (hand wind) back window but it kept getting stuck so pulled the panel apart only to find the original window had actually been smashed to smithereens and all the glass left inside the panel. Resulted in a cut hand and some cash to rectify but that old thing served me very well only ever needing 1 tyre.

    Question for you all, do you name your cars? 🙂

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    John Morris

    Check the tyre pressure. Our Ateca picked up in March was 42psi all round.  The car didn’t drive right at its meant to be at 34. Huge difference and could affect the handling and braking performance.

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    John Morris, thats very much appreciated as i would most certainly of overlooked it knowing me. Thankyou

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