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    Do i order the seat tarraco or wait for the allspace…. that is the ultimate question. Hopefully they can add RLiNE and Elegance models this time though

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    Always liked the Allspace but due to it’s size I’ve always thought it needed the 190ps unit under the bonnet in decent trim line. The SEL was only available to us in manual with the auto being the match trim which I have never liked.

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    Always liked the Allspace but due to it’s size I’ve always thought it needed the 190ps unit under the bonnet in decent trim line. The SEL was only available to us in manual with the auto being the match trim which I have never liked.

    The  Allspace SEL DSG was on until about two weeks ago but your worrying me now saying manual only because of the possibility that the SEL DSG was only on short term to clear the shelves for VW before the facelift comes in, I hope that’s not true as I have no choice when it comes to automatics.

    This of course was the 1.5 TSi petrol so maybe the manual only was for more horses under the bonnet.

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    Probably will end up going for the tarraco then. 190 ps fr 4drive, same car really. Got a test drive tomorrow

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    I don’t know how it was on last time (well I have a theory) but if it’s starting price is above £30k and it will prob be £34k. Then isn’t the rule it cannot go into the scheme ?

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    Glos Guy

    Like others, I would only consider the Elegance trim (lower spec Tiguans look pretty budget IMHO) and ideally a 190PS engine, which only comes in auto. That being said, the only advantage that the Allspace has over the regular Tiguan for us is boot space (the standard Tiguan has more than ample rear leg room) as we would never use the third row seats, but we discounted it previously as the 3rd row seats didn’t fold flat and rendered the boot floor pretty useless as it was so uneven. Hope that they’ve sorted that now, but as it’s only a facelift I wouldn’t be so sure.

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    Clipped wings


    the first auto petrol SEL Allspace to appear on the scheme was Q3 last July. I ordered immediately! Q4 had a AP increase. Q1 this year it was gone, but came back Q2 at a lower AP. A bargain, imho for a £35k car The diesel auto too expensive unless Match trim.

    the boot space is flat with the 3rd row folded – I have a hoist- and is crucially 1.1 meters deep, almost as good as a Touareg but slightly less than a Touran. The load height greater than the Touran and there is a slightly raised cover to achieve the flat floor. Overall, the  Touran has the more practical and accessible boot, but the alllspace good enough and the power tailgate a big plus. Great car.

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    If the Touran AP with DSG were to go back down to near the AP prices of the past 3 years I would not be even be here looking at the Allspace or Tarraco.

    I know the Touran is getting a bit long in the tooth now (happens to us all😊 ) and the headlights leave a lot to be desired its still a very capable MPV for carrying a hoist and scooter from my point of view.

    Must admit though reading through the specs for the Tiguan Allspace Elegance has opened my eyes a bit but end of the day, it’s all about the hoist and scooter before anything else.


    Did you get the test drive and if so how did the test drive of the Tarraco go?

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    Have to agree with you re the touran. I was thinking on getting digital cockpit and led lights with it and it would have still been cheaper than the AP on it now. Wish I did order as I wouldn’t be in this dire situation either.

    As for the test drive, I didn’t have one. I went down there, took a look at the car. I thought I was going for a test drive not a look around. I had to leave by the time we had stopped speaking but I am happy with the inside of the car. I am going to book another test drive at a different dealer though. Then probably place an order for the 2.0 FR 190PS 4Drive Petrol. Not sure on the colour. Oryx white or Silver of some sort

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    The 2nd dealer I spoke to quoted me 12-14 weeks also so hopefully true and he’s not just trying to get a sale. First dealer who I was meant to get a test drive with said November.

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    Using the VW configuration on the German VW sited the petrol Tiguan Allspace Elegance is only available with the 2.0 TSi 4 Motion 140kW or 180 kW engine and if that’s how it’s going to be here in the UK then as been said the Elegance trim will not be available on Motability so the Tarraco Xcellence or possibly finance allowing the Xcellence Lux will become top of the pop’s on my very short list.

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    Made a visit to my local VW dealer today to take some measurement of the standard Tiguan and happy to say I will be dropping the idea of a Allspace.

    The showroom was sparse, five cars in there altogether and two of those were Tiguan’s, one basic and one Life but my mission was to check out the seating arrangement so mission accomplished.

    Must say the Tiguan has a very big step down into the floor of the boot but should not be a problem using my hoist.

    Only let down with the Elegance I could see is I would have liked the heated windscreen option @£315 however you also have to have the inductive phone charger @£425 so £740 all told so will give that one a miss.😢

    The dealers Motability specialist seem to be on the ball and said sorry for the delay in attending us but I said I had not made an appointment and didn’t require any help on this occasion but thanked her all the same. She knew about the loading problems of the Tiguan and my scooter and she made the point I would have to remove the scooters chair to clear the doors height and I said its not a problem as I have to do that in my current car.

    She was on the ball with Motability prices and pointed out there would be another price release for the car on July the first and also made the comment about the Touran being over priced on Motability and that did make me wonder if they remembered me from 3 years ago when I complained about not being offered any discounts on the extras I was adding to the Touran back then, then going to another dealer and ordering with them.

    Anyway made an appointment for the end of July to put an order in if there’s no silly price rises in Q3 and with all the gear in the Elegance I’ve no need for any extras but I’m having thoughts about adding tyre monitoring as I still remember the many false alarms I had with my Seat Leon and my last car, the Golf.

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    Glos Guy

    ChrisK – I have the extra cost tyre pressure warning system and you still get annoying warnings every time it’s cold. I’d save your money. The boot floor can be made flat with the addition of a space saver spare wheel, if that helps.

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    Thanks for that info Glos Guy, I did think about the space saver wheel and with your info will have another look at that option.👍

    In the VW configuration it has two option for the spare wheels, one is a space saver wheel and the other is a full size spare steel wheel that says comes with “luggage compartment floor“ so obliviously this is the one to order.

    There both priced at £220 and thank you once again for that heads up.

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    Is it the face lift model


    our Tiguan came with a full size alloy and the floor is adjustable from level down by about 2-3 inches


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    Hi Phil

    The delivery date for my next car should be the end of October so should be the face lift model.

    The model I did my measurement on yesterday was the very basic model and I couldn’t see any fittings to the side of the boot to raise the floor, there was a Life model in the showroom too but that was up against the window so couldn’t open the back door to see if anything changes going up the range.

    I think, if I remember right, the option to raise the floor became an optional extra on the face lift but I’m not sure if that applies to the Elegance trim because no option to add the raised floor comes up in “choose your options” in the configurator, only the spare wheel as noted above with “full size steel spare wheel” where it mentions “luggage compartment floor” assuming that’s the raised floor but I think I need to ask the question next time I’m at my VW dealership.

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    Chris, did you look at the regular tiguan or the allspace?


    I ordered an Oryx white SEAT Tarraco yesterday and expect to have it late August early September fingers crossed. I went for the 2 litre 4 drive FR model with 187bhp in petrol. Overall happy with my experience in the dealership and can’t wait to see it in the flesh.

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    HI Mmoreton5

    It was the regular Tiguan SWB version I checked out.

    The Tarraco was a back up should the Allspace LWB Tiguan not return to Motability but I think the Allspace Elegance DSG will not be on Motability anyway.

    At the moment if nothing changes in Q3 I think I will go for the standard Tiguan now I know my scooter fits in the boot fully assemble with captain chair removed.

    I do like the Tarraco as well but I will be going for the 1.5 TSi versions of any of the VAG cars I go for as it sort of fits my pensioners driving mode these days, you know, keeping up with the traffic and a reasonable time off the white line. 😊

    For paint I’m going for Nightshade Blue but wonder is Oryx white at no extra cost on the FR Tarraco because on the Tiguan its listed as a premium paint and about £400 on top of the metallic paint prices.

    Good to see you had a good experience at the dealer yesterday and the Motability rep at my dealer was helpful too yesterday so perhaps some dealers are reading our threads and pulling their socks up.😁

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    Love the nightshade blue colour! Oryx white was free for the Tarraco. Every colour was. Was a tough one between white or black but currently being in a black car I thought I’d give a different colour a go haha. Always good to see people having good experiences. Having been on the end of some pretty shocking experiences myself it really does grind my gears.

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