Does anyone think it’s time to go electric?

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    I drive 18000 miles a year.

    I am very interested in the BMW i3 but am worried about range anxiety.

    I have found out that Milton Keynes, my town, has the most charging points in the country so I may have a false sense of security when it comes to charging points.


    I currently drive a Kadjar 1.5 diesel, and I am comfortably getting over 60 miles to a gallon.

    I do believe that more charge points will be available UK wide but am still uncertain about taking the plunge this time around.


    what do you think?



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    I’d only go electric if I’d be able to get a home charging unit. There would also need more charging points where I live.

    The advance payments would also be high for fully electric cars if they are on the scheme.

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    When this country is ready for electric cars then I would consider one. But at the moment there are too few charging points with some areas having none.

    Also there are too few cars with a decent range to make it a viable proposition especially on the Motability scheme.

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    Rob it all comes down to if your able to plan in advance so range anxiety isn’t a problem.

    I do roughly the same miles but need a larger vehicle for my disability aids and our dog.
    At present not having anything large enough on the scheme means not yet for me.

    I love the idea of the fuel savings for now anyway, but I struggle getting in and out of a vehicle and the thought of having to get out and charge up more often on a longer journey fills me with dread, if I get too cold my joints seize up and it’s agony to get moving again.
    Now if there was assisted charging? and of course a big enough car on the scheme I’d give one a try.

    But I think that is some years away yet.

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    Menorca Mike

    In 2 years the norm will be around 500 mile range that’s what I’d like

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    The I3 will come with the leads and a free BMW home charging point – which will be installed before I get the car.

    Driving 54000 miles over 3 years will save me an enormous amount of money in fuel. But it really is a bit of a worry to take the plunge.

    I think we are now at the tipping point where electric is viable. My company will be getting charge points in the new year so hopefully that should ease my fears.

    The I3 does around 140 miles on a full charge which is comfortably enough to get to work and back. But as it’s all new. I guess I have the fear of the unknown regarding living with an electric car on a day to day basis.

    The car is amazing to drive though and it would be great to miss having to fill up with fuel on a weekly basis ?



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    it depends as well on what journies you are doing on a regular basis the i3 has a 160ish mile range, you get a home charger as part of the deal. but if your travelling long distances you are going to have to charge on route so planning will become key. for me the longest single journey i make is 120 miles or there abouts to relatives so i can then charge overnight with the mains trickle charger and then get back home. and my other journies are within the single charge range so in sept when my lease ends i will be considering the i3 as an option.just need to  sort the ap. otherwise its going to be a couple of years i suspect until they get the range up to something that will remove that anxiety.

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    You are right Mitch.

    Planning is essential.

    When I talked to the dealer about the possibility of distance anxiety he asked if I had ever run out of fuel in my car. I have not. He said why would you think you will run out of electricity then? It is just a matter of planning ahead just as you would if it came to fuel stations now. I did think fair point.

    I don’t think I will ever drive long distances. I will use the car for work and around town.


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    I’m not there yet. Hybrid or plug in Hybrid will be our limit at present, I have nothing against full electric and would love to be able to, but at present it would not suit. A year’s time when we can order things may well be different. I’m certainly an advocate of Wanting to but Hybrid I feel will be the next vehicle. To explain a bit more I don’t have charging availability at the front of the house and although I can park 6 vehicles at the rear of the back garden( I’ve got a long garden) to get electric there its along way and big expense, although lowish miles per year we can’t sacrifice those few times we may need to jump in the car and go (we are not near family) the Anxiety of using the car through the day and it’s on charge and not being able to “Just Go” and be restricted is not something at present the industry offers. Or Im willing to compromise on.

    It’s Getting There and I would implore anyone that doesn’t need that “Blanket” to go for it on a personal or motibilty level if circumstances allow.


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    I certainly hope so we are picking up an i3S tomorrow so will let you know how we get on with range anxiety. The home charger comes included in your advance payment money on the scheme. Just need to make sure your off-road parking or garage is within the required distance of a standard installation.Ours was not a standard installation and does cost a small fortune to get all ready for a fast charger to be fitted.

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    Roger – can I ask how much you had to pay? I think I will be ok location wise. I also believe a 7kw charger is fitted but you might be able to enlighten me.

    Thank you for any help.

    I am thinking about signing tomorrow for the i3 tomorrow.




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    In 2 years the norm will be around 500 mile range that’s what I’d like

    Yes we are ideal candidates with a decent size drive, if we did not tow a caravan yes we are ready to change, however, at present we tow a caravan if they offered a decent size vehicle like the VW Tiguan/Ford Kuga with a towing range of 250 miles and an affordable AP we would change. At present unless they put the AP up again our next car will probably be a hybrid.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Not yet for full electric, like Phil I need something big for my chair and my Labrador.</p>
    As far as range goes it has to be a genuine 300+ range for trips to Scotland which I could manage from a full charge and a fast top up at somwhere like Southwaite services. For the European trips I know I can charge at the tunnel, but it would mean arriving early for a full charge but I could see us having to make more overnight stops to get to where we want to go, which in turn adds to travel costs and less time at our destination. 500 miles would be perfect so until then it’s an extremely low emission euro6 diesel.

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    We are due to change next year, but it won’t be electric, I don’t they they are quite there for our needs just yet. When I can drive from the midlands to Scotland non stop I will consider it.
    As long as it doesn’t come with a ridiculous £2000+ ap.

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    I would have 100% if the cars where not so ugly. The i3, whilst unique… is an eyesore to me personally. It looks like a child’s drawing.


    i would love a FEV Ford Focus or something similar on the scheme.

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    There is no doubt it’s a marmite car – I happen to like marmite but appreciate that many people don’t ?

    The car drives beautifully. I’m not a speed kind of man but living in roundabout city I believe the instant shove from the electric power will make driving easier.

    The i3 is by far the best driving car I have driven on the scheme. This will be my 11th. There are something’s I don’t like, but over the years I have come to the conclusion that getting the next motability car comes with some compromises.

    It is a car I will look forward to driving every day.


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    As if you don’t know I absolutely love our I3S 1000miles in for £10. The weather on my sat nav, smart charging with solar panels and Spotify built in it’s brilliant.

    The drive is engaging and rewarding, at speeds up to 50 mph it’s really responsive. I keep making new discoveries when I drive it. Free charging points are a bonus aswell.

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    We would definitely have gone for an electric car – but we ended up with a Toyota CH-R hybrid which we are very happy with.
    At the time my wife started the lease there were no electrics on the scheme (as I recall), but the deal breaker was, and still is, that there are no electric cars that can be fitted with a towbar to carry my bicycle.
    I can’t physically lift a bike onto the roof of a car’ I don’t trust those strap-on contraptions (ohh! er missus!); and I don’t want to dismantle my bike to get it in the boot, and make the boot filthy anyways.
    Apparently Nissan Leafs are homologated for towbars in most mainland European countries, but not in the UK.

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