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    Walked into my local doctors today to make an appointment to see a doctor. Explained what it is and I need to see one in person and the woman behind the desk said she will get me a phone call with one next week😑 anyone else had trouble seeing a doctor in person

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    What’s a doctor ?

    My consultant has seen my once is just over 3 years, no further forward than when I started.  Last tests I had earlier this year the nurse said I had a growth/lump of some sort causing a blockage, consultant said he’d ring me.  Was supposed to be about a month ago, then cancelled and shifted to May 3rd (hopefully).

    I don’t know what he expects to be able to do over the phone, surely someone needs to take a look at it to see what it actually is, MRI, Ultrasound etc.??

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    My doctors are still working with telephone consultations and its easier to get in Fort Knox than it is to actually see a doctor face to face.

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    My GP still offer face to face if you request it, but they prefer phone appointments. You can book online for a week ahead. I also see a neurologist every six months. This has gone back to face to face after 2 telephone appointments during lockdown.

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    That reminds me, I was told just over a year ago (after an assessment by a different consultant following the car accident) that I needed to see a consultant neurologist and cardiologist.

    Surprisingly I’ve heard nothing since 🙁

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    Is a Doctor jus a glorified receptionist anyway, go explain the problem for referral to hospital, there for not doing anything other than writing info and arranging a date…

    Has anyone ever gone to a Doctor surgery then left feeling better from a disability..

    Ok if you want a work sick note or got a sore throat, iffy belly maybe..

    TBH I simply try to avoid a Doctors surgery at all costs…

    Don’t want to sound to be undermining the job just my opinion..

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    You walked in to ask for an appointment?


    We have to fill in an online form to ask for an appointment, if it is then deemed necessary, we are allocated an urgent (a few weeks) or routine (next month) appointment.  If, by some miracle, you tick enough boxes to get allocated immediate need, you may get a phone call from the on call doctor or a message telling you to go to the local minor injuries unit.

    We literally need degrees in computer science and biology to appropriately fill in these forms in order to get the response you’d be able to ask for in person 3 years ago.  Oh, and as for seeing the same doctor for an ongoing problem, good luck.

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